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A Shaping Youth Roundup of Kids’ Media/Mktg. Notables

I left my ‘round-up’ ritual back in my editorial magazine days but my au courant colleagues and content partners have worthy ones so I’ll defer to their musings. Ypulse publisher, … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth: Using Media to Market Mindfulness

Yesterday it was painful to watch holiday shoppers in the media aisle at Costco randomly buying items based on marketing over merit. People were tossing media and toys in their cart based on … [Read more...]

Dads & Daughters Bonds Will Grow & Mature With Time

Stumped for last minute meaningfulness in holiday fare? Give someone you love a Dads & Daughters Bond, literally and figuratively! It's one present that's sure to grow and mature with … [Read more...]

Teen Second Life: A virtual learning experience?

I’m baking homemade apple-cranberry pie for my pile of holiday guests arriving, and the scent of cinnamon wafting through the kitchen makes me realize this is one sensory, tactile, shared … [Read more...]

Preteen Podcasts: Media, Middle-school & Growing Up Too Fast

The past few weeks Shaping Youth has recorded some preteen podcasts to hear what kids from public and private schools have to say about body image, celebrity hype, products, brands, teen media and how … [Read more...]

New Flash Activism Films Are Teen “Forwarding” Faves

Free Range Studios is at it again. Their brilliant parodies that lit up the web with pass around power are touching on new turf with global warming, fast food slams, and who knows what else in the … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids Media Literacy & Label Lingo

June 24, 2015 Update Adding "7 Food Labels Shoppers Should Ignore Because They are Meaningless" which is perhaps the most specific, descriptive, summation header I've seen in awhile.Also, take a peek … [Read more...]

Jangl: Mobile anonymity for parents’ jangled nerves

Kids are remarkably bold when electronic gizmos veil their verbiage, whether it’s professing teen love on IM or mobile texting a current crush. Toss in new digital offerings like Loopt's … [Read more...]

Peer Driven Junk Food Allure & What’s Cool to Kids

I wrote "Counter-Marketing via Joe Camel" long before my middle-schooler was being enticed to enjoy Frapuccinos for coolness caché, or max out her prepaid Jamba Juice card with Banana Berry … [Read more...]

Buzz Marketing to Chatty Tween (& Teen) Texters

Shaping Youth is all about using media’s magic as a counter-marketing tool, so when I find a new angle to reach kids I get downright giddy. Internet fodder may be spam to adults, but … [Read more...]

MySpace for Booklovers: Positive Uses of Social Media

LibraryThing is an online hangout worthy of raves from both parents AND teens, vaulting social networking into one of the most promising, useful and entertaining web applications I’ve seen in … [Read more...]

Extreme Lunch Box Makeovers: Counter-Marketing via Joe Camel

This is a first-person 'retro' piece which I've recently shared with Daughters bimonthly and decided to freshen with updated research & links to post here on our own blog. Enjoy!--Amy I’m not … [Read more...]

Girls Sports Boosts Preteen Body Image & Self-Worth

Ah, football season, home to toxic media messaging for girls. A time when beer billboards of buxom cheerleaders spill from every corner, “scoring” innuendos abound, and tacky wardrobe malfunctions … [Read more...]

The junk food hydra: Ad industry self-regulation is oxymoronic

New media channels for sugary snacks parallel a Greek mythology lesson…even if the head is cut off the Hydra, two more pop up on the serpent to replace it. The junk food siren endlessly beckons … [Read more...]

Fast Food Nation: A missed opportunity for mass messaging

Younger kids and tweens who got the ‘Ewwwwwwwww” impact of the documentary “SuperSize Me” may enjoy the teen targeted MTVU clip for Fast Food Nation, but that’s about as … [Read more...]

Happy Feet: Tap-dancing penguins selling drugs

My weird background of journalism, advertising, advocacy, and parenthood blend into a Molotov cocktail of media literacy, so when it comes to playing ‘spot the spin’ it’s pretty hard … [Read more...]

A snapshot from the teen camera lens: 48 hours of blogging

Three-quarters of girls age 8-12 would like to change something about their bodies, and by 16 more than one-quarter already want plastic surgery? Egad. I decided to track the Dove self-esteem forum … [Read more...]

Digital media’s helpful “Ask the Expert” forums

The next time you have a random zinger of a question about kids’ behavior, health, food, or challenges, take advantage of myriad online experts in digital media. There’s a wealth of … [Read more...]

Q&A with Nutrition for Kids’ Connie Evers

Is tuna still ok for kids? There’s been lots of controversy about the government repeatedly downplaying the hazards of mercury in fish, yet tuna is still being marketed to kids with ol’ … [Read more...]

Celeb pop culture & media tipping point of toxicity

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Aretha earned it. Lindsay wants it. Paris lacks it. Beyoncé & Britney had it, hit some high notes, then vamped it away.Our media culture is so fraught with ‘trashy party girl’ … [Read more...]