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Deconstructing media, misinformation & MySpace

Shooter story update: CNN reported a 16-year old boy who ‘wanted to be a hero’ told the press the gunman wanted ONLY GIRLS as hostages, but "his mother said later that her son was … [Read more...]

Media has a role to play in curbing violence against girls

I'm sad and sickened by news that a wacko with a sexual fantasy targeted high school girls, "traumatized and assaulted" his hostages and killed a 16-year old. Normal dads will no doubt bear the … [Read more...]

Cocaine in a can, coming to teens this fall

While runway models are keeping the press humming about the slim scene, I’m tracking what’s going on BEHIND those curtains with celeb and ad types abuzz (literally) about a new ‘energy drink’ that … [Read more...]

He’s Baaaack! NumaNuma guy returns…

Seems the 15 minutes of fame for this New Jersey fellow expired last season when every kid on the planet seemed to be fist-pumping to the original Numa Numa sing-along-n-boogie Romanian … [Read more...]

School Sit-ups Sponsored by Soda-n-snacks?

Update 2015: When in 'em out. sigh. More Coke and soda obfuscation and payola with registered dieticians, pay for play research, junk science via medical sock puppets and obesity blame … [Read more...]

The preteen lunch bunch: Selling healthy choices

“I don’t know what you said to my kids but they're calling soda “liquid candy” and sports drinks “Hummers in a bottle” for the ‘overkill’ factor.” … [Read more...]

VERB Yellowball Deflated, Just As Bounce Gets Going!

Un-freaking believable. The feds fouled up again. Just as the buzz was building and Verb Yellowballs were showing up everywhere in a cool campaign designed to wage war on childhood obesity, what do … [Read more...]

Survivor Race Hype: Kids are listening

A few weeks ago when Limbaugh was flapping racial ‘what ifs’ and media hype swirled around the lowlife tactics of CBS' Survivor dividing teams by race, I kept hoping kids would just cover … [Read more...]

Tween Bait: Marketers Lure “Hook, Line & Sinker”

Tweens (8-12) are in the crosshairs of marketers as companies are relentlessly chasing a $51 billion 'opportunity.' Kids seem to be more aware of it than adults are, and that's a bit … [Read more...]

Model mayhem: Spain’s stance on teen body image

Tweens and teens, listen up and weigh in on this, please... Thin is out in Madrid. Quite literally. Madrid is turning heads in the fashion industry by tossing out models for being too thin. Yep. … [Read more...]

If MTV’s a “Diversity Champion” so is Survivor’s Race Edition

You’ve gotta be kidding me. This is a bad joke, right? Industry spoof? Tomorrow night The Walter Kaitz Foundation will honor MTV Networks with the Diversity Champion Award for "culturally … [Read more...]

Amazon Unbox: Will Kids Buy Into Digital Downloads?

Newly launched Friday, the Amazon Unbox has media watchers atwitter with ad-free TV and movies downloadable a la carte or by subscription. Yep, feature films are “coming soon to a laptop near … [Read more...]

“Where My Dogs At:” A Misogynistic Misfire Doing Damage in a Blink

Mar. 28, 2015 Almost a decade after I wrote this post, the media messages defiling young girls and particularly young black girls under the 'satire' banner continues, despite sheroes and massive … [Read more...]

Mommy, why are her legs spread like that?

Imagine driving down the freeway carpooling kids to school, la-dee-da, and whammo! Traffic jam. Um...and...why? Some Clio-chasing, PR-hyped, advertising opportunist has decided that legs akimbo and … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth launches in 2007

Heads up. When media producers spotlight their own, a backlash has begun. Junk food marketing. Consumerism. Body image. Vapid Values. Growing up too soon. Pick your own hot button and get ready to … [Read more...]

Who is Shaping Youth?

We all are. And that's what this nonprofit, nonpartisan, non-religious based organization is about. As media and marketing producers and consumers (that covers just about all of us!) we're … [Read more...]