Archives for October 2006

The Electronic Pacifier: No TV under two!

Today I got a firsthand glimpse of the pacifier wars. And I'm not talking about "binky vs. blankie-n-thumb"… There’s an all out battle for parent's mindshare as consumer advocates … [Read more...]

Saw III Splatter Flick: Bloody Gimmicks

True confessions. I love Halloween. Hate horror films. And wouldn’t know Tobin Bell from a Toblerone, as I just don’t get the whole sadistic slasher genre. One week from today, SawIII … [Read more...]

Dove Love, “Daughters,” & Industry Backlash

Can’t get enough of the Dove blitz? You’re not alone. So far, about 9400 replies are posted on Dove’s Self Esteem Forum, plus another 2200 in their site's Body Image forum. There … [Read more...]

Dove’s surreal beauty: Time-lapsed, ‘must see’ TV

I'm not one to 'forward to a friend' very often, but Dove’s powerful new film is a one-minute click-n-send that I hope you’ll share with every tween, teen, and woman you know who’s … [Read more...]

The nature of tweens: Wired worlds & outdoor ed

Update 2013: National Parks Traveler reports NPS is considering adding Wi-Fi. This is a classic point/counter-point debate in terms of perpetuating the disconnect with nature or 'bridging' worlds … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth in the Rockies

I'll be blogging about the wired vs. wayward hiking environs of taking two tweens to the Rockies this past week but am a bit backlogged with content. Whenever you see the airplane icon it means … [Read more...]

Wal-Mart elves: Crass commercialism, interactive ‘tude

We're barely back to school, it’s not remotely close to Halloween, yet the mass muck of Christmas consumerism is filling the aisles, as marketers turn up the volume on pester power to target … [Read more...]

Teen Choices: Cecil the Seal, Second Life & “Owning Your C!”

Much like the Verb YellowBall strategy of burying the source and focusing on entertainment, C-ville is counting on kids’ curiosity to captivate in this new cause-marketing virtual city. Since … [Read more...]

Parents Action seeks input for school violence summit

With the Amish story remaining headline news, you may want to check in with your children about how their own schools are reacting to this topic, or what they've gleaned from the media messages. I … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth through Nature: Media, Unplugged.

Apr. 5, 2014 Update: I am experiencing a "Hoot" moment firsthand watching a bulldozer move to our final open space of green wetlands here in San Mateo, home to my favorite egret who I've watched feed … [Read more...]

Amish school shooting: Copycat or coincidence?

Has the world gone mad? "Girls executed, boys let go.” No more media deconstructing for me. I’ll be reporting ‘positive picks’ for media messaging the rest of the week … [Read more...]