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Parents? Stay Ahead of The Game, Literally.

(2007) Advergaming is shifting from online to mobile, so younger kids and parents need a heads-up to spot the spin. Here’s an updated piece with fresh new links from my last article about kids under … [Read more...]

Keepin’ It Real: Advertorials Purposely Confuse

Today’s “Daily Candy” e-zine, purporting to be the “ultimate insider’s guide to what’s hot, new, and undiscovered” is stumping for big box retailers, which … [Read more...]

Many Minds on the Media as Conferences Convene in New York

Today Common Sense Media and the Aspen Institute announced the schedule for February 5 & 6th's “Beyond Primetime” Media Conference in New York, and I’m hoping they’ll debrief … [Read more...]

Meatrix Moviemakers Mouth Off in a Revolution for “Real Food!”

“The Mouths of the world are finally speaking out,” says the new Mouth Revolution viral film that launched from Free Range Studios yesterday. “They're fed up with the "garbage" we … [Read more...]

Pink Dreams Turn to Ashes: Tobacco Goes for the Girls

Pink Dreams. The name alone has head-spinning implications. Thoughts whiplash from bubblegum-n-Barbie to provocative porn, depending on your age, gender, and mindset. When I saw the ad, “Pink Dreams … [Read more...]

Can New Media Curb Anxiety in Stressed Out Students?

Media’s taking a lot of hits lately for being ‘always on’ 24/7 and creating school environs where kids are either in ‘robo-student’ mode or a perpetual flurry of … [Read more...]

Inconvenient Truth Meets Digital Earth: Marketing ‘Hope’

The New York Times’ Stuart Elliot wrote that “A Procession of Penguins” was arriving on the advertising scene, and referenced Shaping Youth’s article where we admonished pharmaceutical giant Roche for … [Read more...]

American Idol Ad: KFC ‘Sneaky Snacker’ is Brandwashing

Normally I’d toss this American Idol-KFC "Buffalo Snacker" blurb in the ‘who cares’ hype hamper to keep from giving KFC more PR buzz, but frankly, this whole ‘hidden … [Read more...]

Advergaming Arcades Shift Toward Virtual Villages & Kid Vid

What do you get when you cross a top-rated TV show like American Idol with online advergaming? “Pop Tarts American Idols Live Tour,” a media+mind+body equation that adds up to a … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Via Fatherhood: Joe Kelly on New Media, New Men

A couple days ago Anastasia at Ypulse posted a jarring ‘uh-oh’ article, “Dads rate lower than friends and grandma with teens” based on the latest Harris Interactive research on teens and … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Slams Capri Sun With Counter-Marketing

Timing is everything! This week we’re counter-marketing Capri Sun Coastal Coolers as ‘juice pouches that aren’t juice’ but mostly high fructose corn syrup. (HFCS) We’ve … [Read more...]

Obesity Risk Twice as High in Hispanic Children

Maria Nadel, our Spanish translation expert is putting the finishing touches on our 'mind & body' media literacy log as Shaping Youth's “Dare to Compare: A Gross Out Game for Good … [Read more...]

MediaSnackers Podcast On Shaping Youth

Digital media shrinks the world in a nanosecond. Shaping Youth is doing a podcast with MediaSnackers from the U.K. Monday, and just today they sent me their debut vodcast of media morsels that fit … [Read more...]

Teen & Tween Friendships in a Positive Piggy Parable

If every teen, tween and adult would put their coolness on hold long enough to join children in line for Charlotte’s Web they’d quickly see this is a profound parable of friendship with … [Read more...]

A “Brand” New Year: Brain Waves, Brand Names & Brainwashing?

“Come in, my little pretties,” lured the witch in Hansel & Gretel, as the door banged shut behind the wee ones. Today’s brand marketers and media mavens aren’t exactly … [Read more...]

7 clues to a New Year’s riddle for the 7th year of 2000

This landed in my e-mail from some pals of mine, and it seems worthy to toss out there to get kids thinking along these lines and open up some dialogue. Yes, I’m being ambiguous on purpose so I … [Read more...]