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Bloggers Who Make You Think: Link Tag & Viral Media

Shaping Youth was pinged for a Thinking Blogger Award by FrugalMom, as one of those ‘blog tag’ viral games where you name your five faves and link to significant influencers in your … [Read more...]

Selling Healthy Kids Cuisine Via Product Presentation

Presentation is everything. How many times have we heard that in advertising? This Happy Lunch Haiku site of photos proves marketers are missing an opportunity to sell healthier choices to … [Read more...]

Media, Shaping Youth: Kaiser Study Shows 50 Hours of TV Food Ads/Yr.

Kaiser Family Foundation released the largest study ever conducted of TV food advertising to children today. I’ll keep my editorializing to a minimum, since I mirror the CSPI food industry … [Read more...]

Hot Digital Dog! Virtual Pets, Animal Avatars & Fun Sims

This is Max II, (the sequel) admittedly not a virtual dog. MaxII is a very real pup entering the life of one of my dearest friends, Brett Montana, who runs The Pet Staff, an award-winning dog … [Read more...]

Kids’ Food Fight Turns Into Industry DodgeBall Game

In a lame regurgitation of ad industry protectionism today, AdRants once again veers onto the path of mindless myopia toting the party line that “Obesity is not marketers’ fault” in … [Read more...]

“See Jane Speak:” Gender, Race, & Kids’ Media

Ready to take on the Madison Ave. media machine? We are! Shaping Youth is honored to have been selected to lead our Squashing Stereotypes interactive workshop for teens at Mind on the Media in New … [Read more...]

Kids Are A Captive Audience With Ambient Advertising

Mar. 2007 (retro post) Don't worry, I'd never show the billboard, but let me get this straight: The L.A. Times reports that kids and teens were horrified by outdoor ads of grotesque torture and … [Read more...]

Snack Attack: Counter-Marketing Using Shaping Youth’s “THREEP”

For all those parents who have winced, cringed, nagged and cajoled to stop training kids like Pavlov’s dogs to salivate at sports whistles and expect a snack at every game, here’s a … [Read more...]

Web 2.0’s Fun Forward: “The Machine is Us!”

Ever try to explain the phrase Web 2.0 in a digital sound bite? This brilliantly fun little 4-minute video from professor Michael Wesch of Kansas State University does the trick. This digital ditty … [Read more...]

Pussycat Dolls Vamp for Lame TV; the “F” word is Feminist? C’mon!

Writer Joan Didion once poignantly proclaimed, “To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves - there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.” Amen, … [Read more...]

Ning Adds Zing to Personal Social Networking

When Shaping Youth was looking into adding a high performance social networking component to our site under construction, we were pitched by various companies promising mini-MySpace hubs with pricey … [Read more...]

Sugary Sodas Falter, Now Caffeine & Sodium Rule

Welcome to the kids' beverage blitz...swapping one health vice for another. Two new industry reports today show soda's rate of decline has tripled since last year. BUT (there's always a "but") the … [Read more...]

Kids’ Toon Team Animates New Yorker Comics

Wow. Now even one-panel comics come alive through the digital web and mobile! While snooping around syndication services for Shaping Youth, we stumbled on these short, snappy bursts of content from … [Read more...]

Food For Thought: Media to Digest for Healthier Kids

March is National Nutrition Month, so Shaping Youth is adding to the ADA's Eat Right web resources with some fun and worthy positive picks in food media to share with your kids, boost their media … [Read more...]

Pink Princess Fairytale Flakes; Candy Bars For Breakfast

I’m not sure which tweaks me more, junk food glop dyed pink in stereotyped splendor, “berry” cereals that have nothing remotely resembling fruit, or confusing callouts, (vitamin-D, … [Read more...]

Body Blitz: APA Study Shows Harm of Early Sexualization

Update Nov. 30, 2016 Researcher and social scientist Dr. Deborah Tolman (who was involved with this same APA Task Force in 2007) is seeking support for further research on the sexualization of young … [Read more...]

Counter-marketing Junk Food With Rats & Tacos

Update 2013: Since Taco Bell is lowering the ethics bar to diss healthy veggies in favor of their chem cuisine in the latest Feb 3, 2013 Superbowl ad, I figured I'd drag out my 2007 counter-marketing … [Read more...]