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Age of Conversation eBook For Variety, The Children’s Charity

The Age of Conversation is not only upon us, it’s within us, and it's coursing through my veins. Some of us are so passionate about this dialogue and excited about finding ‘intelligent … [Read more...]

FCC Regulation of Violent TV: A 360 Degree Dialogue

When Steven Spielberg “raged against the machine” last fall about kids’ exposure to TV violence, I pinned the article on my bulletin board to remind myself that creating a media … [Read more...]

Sugary Shrek is Simultaneously Stumping For Kids’ Healthy Eating

Hate to sound like an ogre, but I’m turning green with GIANT ("gi-normous" as tweens might say) disconnects on the ostensibly hip new Ad Council Shrek :30 PSA urging kids to "get up, get up, get … [Read more...]

The Great Turtle Race: Digital Media Cartoon Critter Fun

What’s seven feet long, 2000 pounds and delightfully digital? A gigantotherm. Find out more following The Great Turtle Race, a whimsical two week webevent that gives kids a hands-on way to … [Read more...]

Care 2 Make a Difference? Show Kids How, Year-Round

All too often kids feel powerless to have their voice heard and their actions counted. We wrote about how World Wildlife Fund brought kids into the dialogue to post their own ideas and actions in time … [Read more...]

NetFamilyNews Flags Cyberbullying Stats; ConnectSafely Forum Helpful

I've been so slammed on time that my whiteboard of slated interviews has left Anne Collier & Larry Magid's names sun-baked into permanence. I've been meaning to snag some time ever since I met … [Read more...]

Inspire Kids With Green Media: Kid-Vid & Games Galore

When sweet little faces ask dauntingly sad questions like, "Will we drown when the ice caps melt?" or "How do rainforests work, and where will the animals go, mom?" Be ready with simple, educated … [Read more...]

Virginia Tech Tragedy: Media Coping Tips

As details unfold of the horrific shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, there’s no doubt media hemorrhaging will bleed onto all ages, in all schools, fast. Mental Health America … [Read more...]

Want to End Media Hate Messages? Go For the Gold.

Update: 4-28-14 No, I'm not going to write a feature about the Clippers controversy to give even a smidge of attention to the ignorance and arrogance of teamowner Donald Sterling's racist ramblings … [Read more...]

Live Earth: 7 Countries Of Concerts On 7-7-07

Madonna is slated to sing for Mother Earth...The Red Hot Chili Peppers will rock for our own blue rock...And youth everywhere will no doubt hear the call and get jazzed when tickets go on sale today … [Read more...]

Teen Thrive Earth Fest, Social Media & Green Teens

Youth media springs into action in this season of growth and green! Earth Day Network has teamed with popular virtual world Habbo, to create project Green Teen, complete with "Green Furni" to decorate … [Read more...]

Girls as Boy Toys Takes A Toxic Turn: Body Image Shaping Youth

Shaping Youth wrote about the provocative viral promo targeting teen gamers to ‘place the tattoo anywhere on the woman's body’...We hit the op-ed pages when a teen radio station turned ‘hot 99.5’ into … [Read more...]

Generation Digital: An MIT Review & Six Degrees of Susan Linn

Not to sound like a groupie, but this small world, six degrees of separation stuff is beginning to astound me. Swap CCFC’s Dr. Susan Linn for Kevin Bacon, and we’re there. Generation … [Read more...]

My Reward Board: Virtual Chore Chart Boosts Kids’ Financial Savvy

Nag. Nag. Nag. Whether you’re dishing it out or on the receiving end, it can feel like you're stuck in a repetitive cycle like Bill Murray in the film, “Groundhog Day.” “How … [Read more...]

Despite Heavy Product Placement, This Momzy Liked Mimzy

Mimzy–the rabbit from outer space that warbles unintelligible planetary profoundity, will no doubt be merchandised into oblivion. Even my 11-year old made a wry commercial slam, “I … [Read more...]

Tumblr: Mixed Media Blog Format That’s Short & Sweet

Language arts teachers must be thrilled! Younger kids are blogging in brief little snippets, using social media training wheels like imbee, and writing to express themselves. Hopefully they're also … [Read more...]

Digital Activism: Kids Stump for Change

Earth Day is upon us April 22, and helpful links to kids activities abound. At WWF, kids are out to make change, literally. Worthy nonprofits are finally getting the hang of digital media's … [Read more...]

YPulse Youth: Media Mashup Slated for Summer

Mashup is one of those web-wise words that often leaves parents saying ‘huh?’ because it’s applied to so many things. Mashups go far beyond the familiar concept of emerging … [Read more...]

Nickelodeon’s 2007 Kids’ Choice Award Winners

Splat. Slime. Ooze. Muck. 40 million kids can't be wrong, eh? Billed as the “biggest, loudest, messiest spectacle in the show's history,” I tuned in to the KCA awards with my 11-year … [Read more...]