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Vaulted Into the Limelight: When Candid Camera Goes Viral

Yesterday I wrote about what happens when stars are caught on camera unaware, and alluded to what could happen if kids become ‘slumber party set-ups’ for funny viral videos, or turned into … [Read more...]

Celebs Without Makeup: Beauty Bashing Via Video?

Awhile back I found this poignant painting (at left) on Ashley Cecil's blog. She uses a paintbrush to bring issues to the forefront through artistic journalism, and this post about kids' exposure to … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: Teach Your Children Well

May 26, 2014 Memorial Day Since people have continued to confuse Memorial Day and Veteran's Day I wanted to add one more simple comparison/contrast to help sort it out. Also, on Twitter, there will be … [Read more...]

Freedom Writers’ Erin Gruwell: Online, On Film, In Person!

“When a racial incident occurred in her classroom, 23-year-old English teacher Erin Gruwell spun it into an ongoing dialogue that ultimately changed the lives of 150 inner-city … [Read more...]

Take the Multitasking Challenge at MyPopStudio!

I was raised in a ‘question authority’ family of intellectual gamesmanship. When my Dad would cite stats as facts in know-it-all style, my Mom would trot out How to Lie with Statistics and … [Read more...]

Junk Food Branding Hits the Drug Dealing World: A Reprise

Pop Tarts. Pop Rocks. Strawberry Quick. Targeting kids is working so well for the junk food giants, the creeps-n-criminals are stealing the sugary-flavored branding strategy to recruit new customers … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Interviews Anastasia Goodstein of Totally Wired

Recently, I brought my tween daughter to meet Anastasia Goodstein, (at left) publisher of youth blog YPulse and author of the Totally Wired book and blog. Since we’re both Bay-area based, I … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Online: “Totally Wired” is Totally Worthy

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Our distrust is very expensive.” Author Anastasia Goodstein echoes this sage premise throughout her excellent book, Totally Wired, What Tweens and Teens … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Through Ambient Advertising

Advertising’s ubiquitous presence CAN be amusing sometimes. You’ve gotta admit, this use presenting "teeth as bowling pins" for a European dental insurance company did a creative job of … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Tactics Revealed to FTC: Report At

Quite a coup for consumer and health advocate groups today who released the power of media and marketing to depants digital advertisers who are undermining parents by flying under their radar. Woohoo! … [Read more...]

Dads and Daughters Togetherness: A Firsthand Snapshot

We interrupt this CBS program series recap to bring you word from the parenting trenches, sharing a magic media moment! Promise I’ll get back to last night’s CBS advergaming segment … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Through Consumerism: The Hard Sell to Kids

Buy, Buy, Baby. CBSNews is doing a four-part series called Gotta Have It: The Hard Sell to Kids all about womb to tomb marketing, with kids being targeted in a scope we’ve never seen … [Read more...]

Secret Agent Tweens on CBS; Shaping Youth Goes Undercover

“From books, to toys, to clothes to snacks. There's a multi-billion dollar, global marketing machine targeting YOUR children. Our special series, Gotta Have It: The Hard Sell To Kids, begins … [Read more...]

Online Media Nutrition Calculator Helps Parents Track Foods

Fresh from our living lab’s counter-marketing success at Allen Elementary (our pilot program we wrote about here) we thought we’d share some of our interactive nutrition data tools that … [Read more...]

Obama’s MySpace Teaching Moment For Teens

“Is MySpace always mine or can it belong to someone else?” Such was the headline news last week when presidential candidate Barack Obama tried to rein in his messaging by usurping site … [Read more...]

Sittercity: Digital Media Puts Profiles to Work for Parents

With Mother’s Day pummeling kids with media and marketing “must-haves” most moms I know would prefer “the gift of time.” Can social media networks wave the fairy wand and … [Read more...]

Sour Combo: Shrek’s “Apples & Milk” At McDonalds

Ok, gang, let’s reiterate this branding nightmare of mixed messages one more time...Monster movie promos+junk food tie-ins=chubby cherubs. Nothing wrong with Shrek promoting apples and milk … [Read more...]

Harris Interactive Research: How Cyberbullying is Shaping Youth Savvy

Thumbs down to cyberbullying! It’s heartening to finally hear some GOOD news to counter-balance the media hype on this harassment. Totally Wired author and über youth guru Anastasia … [Read more...]

Spider-Man 3: Web of Influence In Kid-Culture

There are plenty of spins on the Spider-Man 3 record-breaking $382 million worldwide “priciest movie ever made" I’m going to take a deconstructionist view about summer box … [Read more...]

Disney Xtreme Digital: A Porn Site’s Just A Keystroke Away

The mousehouse has some holes in its cheese, and this one really stinks. Disney's new preteen social networking portal is geared to fill a void for chatty tweens, as TechCrunch reports here. I'm … [Read more...]