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Windorphins Viral Buzz, Brought To You By…

Is it a NeoPet? A Puffle? A goofy avatar? A virtual world icon or some sort of currency to buy virtual goods in a tween space? Animal, vegetable or mineral? Windows promo maybe? Nope. They're not even … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone Hype Seeds Kids Consumerism

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Adults chiding each other like spoiled brats to be the first on the block to try, review, diss, or blather about the iPhone makes me … [Read more...]

Note to Myself: “Jott” is Genius!

Yesterday on Amtrak en route back to the Bay Area for a Preteen Alliance event, I was ‘totally wired’ on my laptop blogging my brains out to make use of my travel time. Suddenly, I hit a … [Read more...]

New Media Worldometers Can Make Data “Click” For Kids

When my tween says, “Forward that to me, will ya mom?” I know I’ve landed on a site that’s caught her eye, so if this real-time data tracking techno tool is ancient news for … [Read more...]

A Night at the Museum Becomes A Night of History Lessons

Update Dec. 12, 2014  Eight years after the original movie debut, Hollywood history lessons are still permeating pop culture, choosing what kids 'take away' from film. Check out this markedly true … [Read more...]

Fuming Fuji Meets Shaping Youth: Food Marketing to Kids

I’m going to take a break from ‘fumin’ over the "Manhunt 2" meltdown (which has predictably escalated into a free speech and censorship brouhaha) and send you to some very logical … [Read more...]

Manhunt 2 Receives AO Rating for Hands-On Murder Simulation

Update 2013: It's been 6 years since I wrote this piece and my views remain the same; 'corollary vs causation' arguments, context, ratings and research (handy: 25 studies on media violence) STILL … [Read more...]

Information Overload: Do Kids Manage Their Media Better?

In an era of information overload, here's a helpful NPR podcast called On the Media that tidily wraps up topics into a weekly show. Media mavens are always on the lookout for useful nuggets of … [Read more...]

Childhood Matters; Shaping Youth’s Fatherhood Resources

Update: June 20, 2010 See Fatherhood Friday resource expansion via an excellent tribute to Dads on Chris Singer' blog. Original post: Dads out there, what do you think it means to be a responsible … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Agrees to Restrict Food Marketing to Kids!? For REAL?

Can it be? Is it so? Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!! Ah, the power of first strike offense. Truly amazing. This just in from the gang at CCFC…Press release only, I'll follow up via policy … [Read more...]

Media’s Portrayal of Father Figures

June 15, 2017 Update for Father's Day 2017! Author of  "All In," Josh Levs, offers this worthwhile related feature via titled "An Online Battle to Correct the Media About Dads." He … [Read more...]

MizPee Mobile Mapping: Where to GO on the go!

Now THIS is mobile marketing with content you can USE! Kids, adults, ANYone who’s been cross-legged while out and about at a street fair has no doubt wondered why Google Maps street views or … [Read more...]

Sprite Yard: A Mobile-Social-Soda Hangout?

Is this a sweet spot for marketers targeting teens' sticky eyeballs or just a bunch of fizz and buzz from desperate soft drink companies? As soda giants start pouring into the mobile platform, get … [Read more...]

Forbidden Fruit & Kids’ Food Advertising: FTC & KFF Compare

Ok. Two things here. First off, I agree that making junk food “forbidden fruit” will only serve to increase the coolness caché in terms of marketing strategy, and second, the media … [Read more...]

Get Kids To Eat Green Using Shrek Against His Drek

Instead of turning kids’ tongues green with dye, additives and processed Shrek Drek (sanctioned as a green dot “Smart Choice” by PepsiCo’s self-awarded labeling system since they’re BAKED Cheetos … [Read more...]

Youth Collaboratory & 5th Int’l Symposium on Digital Earth

For the next two days I’ll be working with many of our NextNow collaboratory pals at Digital Earth, which is being held in the U.S. for the first time in its history. Previously hosted by … [Read more...]

Using New Media to Teach Classic Art Techniques to Kids

21st century art is wild! Many have seen the Women in Art media morph circulating the internet (great way to open kids' eyes to classic art through new technology)...Now, MIT’s Media Lab turns … [Read more...]