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Part 3: Shaping Youth Interviews Carmen Van Kerckhove of Racialicious

Are "white youths happier than others?" Yes, according to this new AP/MTV poll. What do these countless polls and science stats about race even MEAN, anyway? As we continue with the balance of our … [Read more...]

Ask Danica McKellar About Math, Now Through Sunday!

We interrupt this gender & race media series to bring you a NEWS FLASH from Danica McKellar and crew. Calling all tweens and middle school mathletes! As the author of Math Doesn’t Suck, … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Interviews Carmen Van Kerckhove of Racialicious

Prejudice comes in all colors and cultures, with striations even among one race itself. Yesterday at the Back to School debriefing, kids returning from abroad mentioned “race on race” … [Read more...]

Part One: Shaping Youth Interviews Racialicious on Pop Culture Cues

Racism is a loaded term that sends politically correct media outlets running for cover and well-meaning pundits into shaky quaky territory. It’s no wonder that kids themselves can get … [Read more...]

Gender, Race & Sexism: Shaping Youth Through Pop Culture Cues

“Women like silent men. They think they're listening,” said Marcel Achard. (circa 1956) And evidently, men like silent women who can bring them a brewski, (circa 2007) per this Ad Age … [Read more...]

Stargazers & Students: Google Sky & Slooh “Sexy Up” Science!

If Danica McKellar can ‘sexy up math’ then maybe we need to send her into the science realm to get kids jazzed about starpower beyond Hollywood! Google Earth just launched Google Sky … [Read more...]

Hey Kids, Your “Energy Drinks” Now Come With Alcohol

We all pick our battles. To me, this is one of them. Rather than dwell on Mojito-flavored chewing gum, or Bacardi Mojito banners and Coors fly-by billboards bombarding our peace at Zuma beach last … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Electronics: Go Green With Your Wired World

It’s ironic that in our youth media culture of “totally wired” teens, eco-enthusiasts haven’t mowed a green path uniting kids’ environmental zealousness with greener … [Read more...]

High School Musical2: Proving Wholesome CAN Sell (& Sell, & Sell…)

By now you’ve all heard the news about Disney’s record-breaking eyeballs racking up 17.2 million viewers for the premiere of the official HSM2, (hit sequel to last year’s High School … [Read more...]

CCFC’s Susan Linn: $17 billion Spent on Marketing to Kids

We interrupt this High School Musical 2 post (delayed for a day) to bring you an update from Shaping Youth’s latest happenings. Why? Because I said so. That’s right. The parental phrase … [Read more...]

It’s the 11th Hour to See the 11th Hour! L.A./N.Y. Premiere Today

Two big premieres lit up the town tonight in Los Angeles, but with tween in tow, I’ll bet you can guess which one got 'first viewing' here. I’ll post about High School Musical2’s … [Read more...]

Lifestyle Cancers: Two Most Preventable Causes Harming Kids

Junk food causes cancer? Well, sorta. Reuters News reports that the President's Cancer Panel just released some poignant data that will make time stressed families think twice about snarfing dinner at … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Brandwashing Data Is Larger Than Stanford’s Study

“A new Stanford study in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine (here) demonstrates just how effective food marketing is in changing young children's perceptions.” Gee, ya … [Read more...]

Youth Panel on Body Image Joins About-Face on TV

Yesterday, my S.F. Bay area colleague Jennifer Berger, executive director of About-Face was joined by Helen Grieco (Clinical Psychologist, executive director, Ca. N.O.W.) and a youth roundtable panel … [Read more...]

Do You Think “Greek” Is ABC Family Fare?

Parenting today is a bit like watching this video of sweet puppies... Suddenly Sam "the ugliest dog in the world" pops up in your face and shocks the shorts off of ya! Just when you’re comfy … [Read more...]

Dumb Like A Fox: Danica McKellar Sells Smarts

Update June 2, 2015 What a difference a half-dozen years makes.Once upon a time I hailed Danica as our first honoree/role model, and profiled her math mission as exponentially positive, selling smarts … [Read more...]

Bratz Movie Seeps Brattitude Into Kid Culture

Two of Shaping Youth's stellar Advisory Board team, Dr. Sharon Lamb & Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown at Packaging Girlhood wrote this fabulous Op Ed about the Bratz Film and its purportedly 'cleaned up' … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Through Global Women’s Leadership

Shaping Youth has been on a two week blog hiatus to leapfrog into the future via global human connections. I’ve just graduated from the Women Leaders for the World intensive boot camp for … [Read more...]