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Bogus Junk Food Bans & Bait-n-Switch Tactics Proliferate School Policy

Forty-eight hours after I wrote this article about the confusing USDA school guidelines and manufacturers marketing tactics to swap ‘lesser calorie junk’ to replace the worst offenders, … [Read more...]

Test Your School Junk Food IQ With This Quick Quiz!

Sublime in its simplicity, compelling in its story, Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has succinctly summed up the USDA nutrition guidelines as gobbledygook by dramatizing the absurdity … [Read more...]

Packaging Boyhood: Corporate Pirates Raid Boys’ Souls

Evidently "snips and snails and puppy dog tails" are out...Tween preening is in...And pirates are looking for gold... Disney’s September debut of kiddie cologne for boys aged 4-11 in … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes With Hollywood Stuntwoman Ann Coccagnia

Note to self: Stuntwomen are not to be messed with in the dark alley of gender inequity. They will kick your keister to kingdom come for media coverage that buys into sexploitation and blow you … [Read more...]

“She’s Geeky” And Proud Of It!

When is a slur NOT a gaffe? When it’s self-ascribed…I easily self-identify with the geek chic stereotype. In school days I was voted ‘most studious’ but never studied. … [Read more...]

Will Kids Go For The “FryPod?” Brandwashing Nutritious Fare

Dragging their buns far behind the rest of the junk food giants in the compliance arena, Burger King is introducing a crisp first strike on the PR front with The Fry Pod, apple slices cut to look like … [Read more...]

Read Ferdinand On 9-20 to Help Jumpstart Low Income Kids!

Want to take a moment to stop and smell the flowers with your child? Make it this Thursday and you’ll be a part of a much bigger cause! The flower-whiffing, cud-chomping pacifist bull in The … [Read more...]

Teen Heroes, Twitter Journalism & Media Transparency

"Look, listen, live," declares Operation Lifesaver in this railroad warning. Whew. I'll say. David Armano, one of our Age of Conversation co-authors, offers this show-n-tell of Twitter media used … [Read more...]

YPulse Tween Mashup: A Convergence of Marketers & Missions

What's a YPulse TWEEN Mashup? I'd say it’s a mishmash of exciting people and conversations that erase the polarity between any two sectors to smush the thinking into a fresh point of … [Read more...]

Why Isn’t Kid’s TV More Eco-Friendly? Where’s the Green Scene?

We've got cartoon "diversity", stellar math role models and even math in children's TV (like pbs' Cyberchase) so where's ECO-diversity in the media and marketing machinations of kids' entertainment? … [Read more...]

The Age of Conversation Goes Ka-Ching! Using Social Media for Change

Woohoo! Who’s in Drew’s conga line? Our Age of Conversation social media project to benefit Variety, the Children’s Charity has reached our $10,000 goal in less than 2 months … [Read more...]

Mining Kids’ Preferences: Will Facebook Ads Turn it Into MySpace?

"Fan of Froot Loops? Facebook Has an Ad for You," writes The Wired Campus’ Andrea L. Foster in this mini-brief on Facebook’s fall plans to push advertisements on teens based on hobbies, … [Read more...]

411 on 9-11: What Do You Say to Children About Headline News?

 Update: Sept. 11, 2014 Reading CNN's "Post 9/11: Far-Reaching New World of Terror Threats and  Salon's piece on 'homegrown extremists' that looks like a bad Onion satire of The Expendables … [Read more...]

Are Kids “Internet People?” A Peek Into Digital Youth & Pop Culture

There’s a clever animated send up of media moments making the rounds called “Internet People,” created by cartoonist Dan Meth (yes, that's his real name, poor guy) with music by … [Read more...]

What The Heck IS Machinima, Anyway?

Digital movies made in online virtual worlds seem to be ‘the next big thing’ in youth created content these days. For the uninitiated, machinima (muh-sheen-eh-mah) is filmmaking within a … [Read more...]

Danica McKellar, First Honoree For “People Shaping Youth”

When the media and marketing machine work in positive ways to trigger youth enthusiasm, it can skyrocket into a global phenom in a heartbeat. We’ve seen movements take hold and spread like wildfire … [Read more...]

Energy Craze Run Amok: Caffeine Comes to Potato Chips?

“Not recommended for young children,” reads the warning on the NRG Phoenix Fury Potato Chip package. Yep, that’s right folks, news reports confirm a new entry in my … [Read more...]

Math Celeb Danica McKellar is Exponentially Positive

(Math Doesn't Suck debut: 2007) Shaping Youth is all about using the power of media for positive change, so we’re excited to launch a brand new monthly column focusing on people who are impacting kids … [Read more...]

Quechup Should Hush Up! Delete, Unopened, Spam Alert!!

Beware!! Cute name and all, as Technorati reveals here, Quechup, the little social media bugaboo has really ticked off marketing professionals and media mavens from all walks of life! I’ve been … [Read more...]