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Halloween, Trend-Tracking & A Moshpit of Parenting Styles

Having just received a “flaming bag of poo” interactive e-card for Halloween to ‘virtually stomp,’ a video clip of the world's largest "Haute dog HOWLo'ween parade and pumpkin … [Read more...]

Planting Earthseeds Via The Magic School Bus: Eco-Media for Kids

Awhile back we wrote about Shaping Youth Correspondent and children's media consultant Ashley, who specializes in kids' TV with an experienced eye toward all things green... Ashley wrote a great … [Read more...]

Misguided Media: Space Station History Takes A Backseat to Britney?

"The Right Stuff" vs. the wrong media coverage...when will it ever end? As history was made with Retired Air Force Col. Pamela Melroy steering the shuttle Discovery in for docking in a … [Read more...]

Videoblogging (vlogging) with Ryanne Hodson at She’s Geeky

I’m only “half-a-geek” since I live for user-friendly idiot-proof technology (I'm one of those "I hate manuals, can't you just show me over my shoulder" kinda gals). The … [Read more...]

Media Moms, Engineers, DigiGirlz and Purple Tornados at She’s Geeky!

Lots of ‘purple tornados’ of energy swirling around the media environs at the eclectic She’s Geeky “unconference” 'firestarters, rainmakers, and project wranglers' … [Read more...]

Media’s Positive Impact on Kids: Twitter Sends An Orphan to College!

“Blogs, tweets, and apps for good causes, oh my!” In a twist on the ol’ "lions and tigers and bears" yellowbrick road adage, it’s amazing to see how some mother cubs are … [Read more...]

Practical Tips to Combat Halloween Horrors of “Wicked Innocence”

Update Oct. 25, 2015 Hard to believe I wrote this 8 years ago trying to give "parenting tips to combat the sexualization cues to kids in our culture"' considering society has now dialed down the … [Read more...]

“A Vision of Students Today”: Digital Ethnography Video Strikes Again!

Clearly professor Michael Wesch of Kansas State University is no ‘one hit wonder’ in the web celeb arena of impactful student media and YouTube hits. The Wired Magazine Rave Awards … [Read more...]

Girls For A Change: The Summit For Passionistas!

Close your eyes & take this pop quiz: What does a woman CEO look like? A female banker? A girl at your school in AP calculus? A biotech scientist shopping at the mall? Did that last one throw … [Read more...]

“People Shaping Youth” Honors Mike Berenstain

If Mike Berenstain of the Berenstain Bears were in a Hollywood pitch session to tell the true story of his family’s cartoon critter creations, it might go something like this: “Once … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Interviews YALSA President for Teen Read Week

YALSA President Paula Brehm-Heeger has a lot to say about different ways we can engage kids to keep reading relevant in a 21st century media world and Teen Read Week is just one of them...After … [Read more...]

Common Sense Media Awards: What’s Enthralling? What’s Appalling?

Those of us aligned or partnered with Common Sense Media filled their awards ceremonies with support last evening in a massive ‘redlight greenlight’ show of “Offuls” and … [Read more...]

Panwapa: Global Citizenship Via Media Community For Tots

For the record, I'd still rather kids be playing outside finding their own world of cultural diversity among play pals, but since this blog's about positive media uses, this indeed qualifies as one of … [Read more...]

Berenstain Bears Lend Warm & Fuzzy Name To Prevent Child Abuse

“Home again, safe at last.” Though it’s a classic kid-lit line to end adventure tales like the Berenstain Bears & the Spooky Old Tree, it’s not remotely the case in … [Read more...]

Catalogs: Convenience or Clutter Pile? Now YOU Control the Reins!

TechCrunch reports today that there’s a new free service ready to end your coffee table clutter and green-scene guilt on the catalog front! Say what? Catalog Choice is a sponsored project of … [Read more...]

TV Kids SHOULD Watch…And Produce!

Sometimes you just “click” with a “person, place or thing” that rocks your world in an ‘aha moment’ of “Where have you been all my life?” Such is the … [Read more...]

Teens: Shout Out a Rebel Yell For Banned Books, Year-Round!

The creative director in me absolutely LOVES the artistic execution of this “banned book” poster’s clean design and clever word play… The media maven in me is wincing at … [Read more...]

School Fundraising Media Mashup: “Kid Fitness” TV?

Growing up in Hawaii hawking ‘huli-huli chicken’ and “King’s Hawaiian bakery sweetbread” as school fundraisers made me realize that all those yummy smells wafting through … [Read more...]

Dove’s “Onslaught:” Media Messages Pummel Girls’ Self Esteem

“Here it comes” alright. I smell another Cannes win here for the Dove team’s short film/viral video efforts. “Onslaught,” a Dove film, conveys the pulsating “in … [Read more...]

31 Flavorite Authors For Teens: ReaderGirlz Teams with YALSA!

Shaping Youth last reported on "readergirlz" social media launch this spring when they kicked off their power-packed teen lit site as a mashup of ‘old media meets new media’ striving to … [Read more...]