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Virtual Worlds As Learning Environs For Global Kids

Marie Curie once said, "Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. " If machinima and avatars are not in your parental lexicon, deep breath, relax...Shaping Youth is out to … [Read more...]

A Smart Television Alliance: Receive A Free TiVo Before Dec. 31st!

“Just because you watch “CSI” doesn’t mean your six-year-old (no matter how brilliant and mature) should, too. As a parent, you instinctively know stuff like that. … [Read more...]

Dare to Share? What’s Your Beacon Story? (part 2)

My prankster friends love to pull my chain. I wish Facebook's beacon was one of their many gotchas. But it's not. After writing the behavioral profiling article on kids, reading the update on … [Read more...]

Facebook, Can You Hear Me Now? Peepin’ Is Creepin’ Me Out!

When our Age of Conversation* co-authors rallied on Facebook to form a group for book sales to benefit Variety, the children’s charity, I joined in the fun, despite my initial hesitance of … [Read more...]

Game That Nourishes Kids’ Minds, Souls & Tummies!

Last fall I wrote about Food Force, an internet game you’d WANT your kids to play. Now, the same ingenious folks are at it again, this time with Free Rice, a new, quiz-style vocabulary builder … [Read more...]

Table Topics & Dinner Dialogue Builds Intimacy W/Kids

"I’m thankful for…" C'mon now, don't give me a 'Miss America' answer; what's an event, a growth point, an 'aha' moment you've had firsthand? We ALL know experience … [Read more...]

Prelude to Parade Day From Shaping Youth’s Tween Reporter

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as thousands of volunteers and intricate plans peel off into preparation groups with exacting … [Read more...]

Green Scene Needs Digital Convergence for REAL “Power Shift!”

This month, green globetrotters trying to "do good things for the planet" have been leaving ‘carbon footprints’ all over the flippin' country flying to conferences hither and … [Read more...]

Hollywood Walk of Lame: Star for Victoria’s Secret Models? Why?

Update Dec. 12, 2014 With the (ugh, annual) Victoria's Secret Fashion show strutting the 'Angels' around in their skivvies again this week, and Taylor Swift and her bestie Karlie Kloss center stage on … [Read more...]

Rockstar21 ‘Rocks’ For Ditching Their Confusing Cans!

Let’s hope this becomes like one of those airfare wars with a ‘me-too’ scramble from other beverage giants to follow suit and snag some of the parental PR and ‘corporate … [Read more...]

One Laptop Per Child: Give One, Get One Goin’ Fast!

The pop-up antennas look like little Shrek Horns to me, but they serve a vital purpose on this One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) nonprofit green machine called the 'XO'...Those little rabbit ears can … [Read more...]

Unilever Disrobed: Interview With Dove/Axe Mashup Artist

Update: 7-7-10 Added mashup video at the end Media transparency is more than a buzz word these days, as consumers connect the dots of who’s behind what, where money’s funneling from, and how we’re all … [Read more...]

Shouldn’t Veterans Day Be For Veterans Only?

Considering the number of kids who shrug off Veterans Day as ‘veterinarians day’ and pay little attention when corrected, it begs the “when is it, what is it, why is it” … [Read more...]

S.F. Oil Spill Prompts Altruism & Activism in Kids

My fuming daughter shoved aside her breakfast bowl to eagerly scan the “how you can help” websites as the oil-soaked wildlife and heartbreaking headlines saturated the morning media … [Read more...]

From Aqua Dots to Aqua Teen: Where’s the Public Safety?

The Aqua Dots recall of 4.2 million top-selling toys in the U.S. is the umpteenth case of slipshod quality control and lax product safety this year…Which begs the question, is ANYone with brain cells … [Read more...]

Project Vote Smart: Youth Hub For Critical Thinking Skills

"A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives." --- President James Madison Love it. Says a lot to me, for despite all the techno-hype on … [Read more...]

IBM Pays Off Kids’ Wellness: Earn Cash By Not Eating Trash

The WSJ and CNN report that IBM is launching a new wellness program in '08 to combat childhood obesity among employees' children. They'll pay $150 to employees who sign up a child and complete a 3 … [Read more...]

Behavioral Profiling: Collecting Digital Data on Kids

"Dear FTC, please put my child on the digital do not call list." (I wish, eh?) It's not quite that simple, but you CAN send in your comments before 11-16 here on any of the topics covered at the … [Read more...]