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Wrapping Up The Gift of Time In A Media Package

Dec. 7, 2016 Update: We had our collegiate buddy binge-fest with the Gilmore Girls 'Year in the Life" Netflix Revival this Thanksgiving, so for those mother-daughter pairs who can't get enough of the … [Read more...]

Tell Me Somethin’ Good…Why Should I Donate Now?

Question: Why is it that all nonprofits surge to the year-end final quarter like the finish line in a horse race trying to glean ‘end of year tax deductions’ and ‘year end recaps of … [Read more...]

Digital Thank Yous & Handwriting Matters: Would Emily Post Pitch A Fit?

Nothing like having kids for a reality check in the age of digital media…I said to my daughter, “Look, I’m no Emily Post, but a thank you note is appreciated no matter what age you … [Read more...]

Last Minute Holiday Cards? Elf Yourself Into the New Year, Until 1/2/08

Ann Handley, one of my fellow co-authors of the Age of Conversation book for Variety, the Children's Charity, has a great lead-in line for the ongoing coverage of this "elf yourself" online holiday … [Read more...]

Slimy Santa Innuendo Gets The Heave-Ho-Ho-Ho…

Ho. Used to be a trio of chuckles from jolly ol’ Saint Nick, or the classic 'heave-ho' given to moldly expired fridge food… Lately, between hip-hop lyrics, MTV2 misogyny and Don … [Read more...]

Lessons From Rudolph That Are Shaping Youth…

I’ve been waiting to profile Glenda Watson Hyatt, who inspires me beyond words for her dedication to blogging despite her use of only her left thumb. I met Glenda via Facebook, through one of … [Read more...]

Hiding Kids’ Veggies for Stealth Health: Good Idea?

Recipe for media firepower: Blend Seinfeld spousal celebrity, add a dash of Oprah media hype, stir in some star scandal, cute kids and a solid nutritional cause, and rocket to the top tier of the New … [Read more...]

Texting for Toy Safety: ‘Moms Rising’ Taps Into ‘HealthyToys’

Mobile moms will love this handy new alliance between consumer action orgs HealthyToys & MomsRising which lets you find out whether the toy you’re about to plop in that cart is toxic for your … [Read more...]

Digital Media: Light Scoop Invention from Prof. Ken Kobre

Ever so slight departure from exclusively kids' media (this appeals to ALL snap happy photo buffs): Photojournalist/author and SFSU professor Ken Kobre, partner of my dear friend and fellow … [Read more...]

Winter Break Ideas to Keep Kids “Consumed”

To continue our series on Shaping Youth’s ways to "market mindfulness," I’ll first shine the spotlight on Ms. Freddi Zeiler, who at age 14, decided to make a difference in the world and … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Through Philanthropic Fun

Update: 2013 Along these lines, check out with clever little videos by "Empathy Explorer" Ed Stockham; a visual media depiction of our peer to peer "in her shoes" exercise in this … [Read more...]

Media, Kids & Grief: Different Ages & Stages of Loss

Beloved Billabong (immediate left) died in my arms yesterday, leaving behind his littermate sister who is a canine basket case, as much as I am a human one. Can dogs die of a broken heart?As my … [Read more...]

The Golden Rule? McDonalds Pays Off Good Grades

Yesterday Ad Age reported, “McDonald's has found a nifty way to reach kids even as TV ad options toward the demographic shrink: Advertise on report cards.” Um…"nifty?" How about … [Read more...]

The Big Give: Kiva, Oprah, & the Reality TV Juggernaut

“If reality television is indeed here to stay, its evolution into philanthropic programming is, for this viewer, a welcome one,” writes Kate Golden, E.D./Editorial Chief of Changing Our … [Read more...]

Marketing Mindfulness to Kids: Giving vs. Receiving

There’s lots of seasonal blog fodder about “Taming the Gimmes” (nice pdf download of activities/tips from MediaWise, and ways to "Simplify the Holidays" from New Dream)...And even … [Read more...]