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Youth-Led Ideas for Worldchanging: Go Overboard!

...And snag $1000 while you're at it! Girl Overboard author Justina Chen Headley, in partnership with Youth Venture ("Dream it. Do it.") and Burton Snowboards are set to receive kids' concepts on … [Read more...]

Let’s Show How Positive Social Media Works!

2-1 Update!! Looks like she did it! Beth, you are absolutely AMAZING... Final 24 hour countdown! I'm going to place the bullseye on Beth Kanter's targeted cause for Cambodian kids, to put positive … [Read more...]

Corporate Blunders Are A Dime (Bag) A Dozen…

C'mon now folks, Target goofed with their 'talk to the hand' Web 2.0 media message, but they're FAR from flying solo in poor choices... In another “what were you thinking?” moment of … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth’s New York Times e-Interview, Verbatim

Since I’m too swamped to post right now, dealing with flamethrowing yahoos missing the point of my original post altogether and now reacting to the New York Times article, I’ll simply post … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth’s Gross Out Game for Good Nutrition

Just returned from Champions for Change, the state summit for a healthier California, and picked up some positive validation that Shaping Youth’s reality show games are on target in the … [Read more...]

GREENtrepreneurs: RecycleBank Shows Kids it Pays to Go Green!

Shaping Youth sent Rebekah Cohen, one of our newest correspondents (Rebekah has a Masters in Child Development from Tufts University, and media chops on the "commercialism in schools" gig) to cover … [Read more...]

What’s A Kids’ Party Without Piles of Presents? EchoAge.

EchoAge. Echo: "One small act of giving can echo around the world" plus Age: "Each year I want to make a difference on the planet" Equals: a meaningful twist on birthdays. Not exactly a whack the … [Read more...]

Ushahidi: Social Media, Kids, & A Penny of Perspective

When kids toss pennies in the trash from cleaning their room, bypass them as ‘nothin’ or maybe add them to a jar if you're lucky (Pamela Poole's blog reports 13% of Americans treat pennies … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth in SemiFinals for Echoing Green Fellowship

Remember those team tryouts or school elections as a kid where you ended up competing against your best friend and got all flustered? Well, I’m having an ‘echo’ moment … [Read more...]

“Ni Hao, Kai-Lan” Chinese Skype, & Mandarin Media

It seems China is finally getting some much-needed positive media coverage, with the official 2008 Beijing Olympics site up, more people using Skype media to learn Chinese with authentic accent … [Read more...]

Will “Big-Thinking” Kids Adopt YouTube for Intellectuals?

High school brought forth some of my most thought-provoking peer to peer dialogue unmatched to this day. AP Honors Students. Brainiacs. SheGeeks. Ponderers. Really interesting global people. I'll … [Read more...]

Top 10 Teen Sex Education Videos: You Decide Who Wins!

“Was sex ed at your school a total drag or did you love it? If you could design a whole new system to for teens to learn about sex and its consequences, what would you … [Read more...]

MC Milker Reports on New Digital Toys for Shaping Youth at CES

Shaping Youth continues our series of guest commentary by MC Milker at the Sandbox Summit which wrapped up yesterday in Las Vegas. (full CES media coverage here) Figure I'd better cut to the chase … [Read more...]

Using Social Media For Kids’ Causes: Finite Funding & Friendships

Social media maven Beth Kanter turns 51 today, and for her present, she’s asking 51 people in 51 hours to donate ten bucks a piece to the Sharing Foundation's America's Giving Challenge over at Global … [Read more...]

Digital Babies & Techno Toys At The CES Sandbox Summit

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we're privileged to have coverage at the International Consumer Electronics Show Sandbox Summit via MC Milker, who we'll no doubt be hearing more from as she … [Read more...]

Consumer Electronics Show: Digital Rights Mgmt. & Kids’ Policy

Vegas may be kitsch, and I'm sure my daughter would love to go there sometime, but other than Blue Man Group and some wacky "people-watching" offering fascinating sociological snapshots of … [Read more...]

Taking Aim at Target: Think That V is a CoinkyDink?

The Flickr photographer, Bennett says this billboard is in Times Square, NYC, about 20' x 20'. I'm waiting for a corporate callback with an explanation from a 'Target Team member.' Meanwhile, the … [Read more...]

Whack A Murdoch: Media Mogul Gets Game

Big Media Smack Down! You ready? Just for fun, I tried this ever-so-clever animation game from the Stop Big Media consortium with my TV-loving tween to open a discussion on the high stakes gambit … [Read more...]

Kids’ Digital Creations: Who Owns The Content?

I find it ironic that the WIPO, (World Intellectual Property Organization) wants to educate tweens aged 9-14 about copyright (see 72-page workbook pdf file here) when childrens’ rights are … [Read more...]

Recut, Reframe, Recycle: What’s “Fair Use” in New Media?

In the new terrain of participatory media, what's fair and what's foul in video mashups? Many of us have laughed our heads off at the "Fair(y) Use Tale" spoofing Disney, but is character … [Read more...]