Archives for February 2008

If Kids Could Be Dolphins: The Power of Creative Play

When I swam with wild dolphins in Roatan, Honduras, my eco-savvy bro told me to ‘break away from the humans, dive deep, engage their curiosity, and the dolphins will lead the way in … [Read more...]

Blue Screen of Death: Computer Crash

Standby as Shaping Youth posts from a borrowed laptop to say we'll be back as soon as a 'system board' is ordered and repairs take place. May be down a day or two and resume our series … [Read more...]

“Can I Sit With You?” The Stormy Social Seas of the Schoolyard

Is it a book? Is it a blog? A social media community? This poignant (book and blog) called, "Can I Sit With You?" The Stormy Social Seas of the Schoolyard, is an innovative example of using new … [Read more...]

Bullying & the Special Needs Child: “You Must Be The New Kid”

Two weeks from today on March 4th, the makers of the now infamous Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt2 adult video games, debut their teen-rated Bully sequel also known as “Bully 2” or Canis … [Read more...]

New Teen Author Helps Peers Understand ADHD

Update 2/18: (Taking the holiday off, will post part two of the series tmrw!)--- Kids DO listen to kids. No secret there. We use this fact in our counter-marketing tactics at Shaping Youth all the … [Read more...]

Fun, Free Virtual Valentines Trump Pricey Pink Ipod Nanos

Or not…But let’s face it, Apple can plunk pink posies on a hot little screen and I’m still not kickin’ in $200 smackeroos even if it IS as their e-note says, “love at … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth’s “Blogging With A Purpose” Award

As many of you know, I usually dodge the blog award lists of badges and accolades (bloggies, vloggies, webbies etc.) since analytics show it’s more of a popularity poll equating to ‘who … [Read more...]

Celebrity Swimsuit Snags 9 Cows For Poor Families in India

Ever wonder what happens with leave-behinds in fancy schmansy hotels? Well, EcoScraps (great little tumblelog, from Green Option media) reports some social entrepreneurial spunk that made me laugh out … [Read more...]

Would You Do ooVoo?

Just finished a multi-party online/conference conversation with Jeff at Green Options media where Shaping Youth will have a presence as part of their media analyst/cadre of journalists adding to their … [Read more...]

Kool-Aid Man Teams With Reebok in Kids’ Fashion Flavors

In the ‘what will they think of next’ category comes an alliance inspired by Superbowl New England Patriots’ Laurence Maroney, known as Kool-Aid since childhood, teaming the retro … [Read more...]

Will Kids Pick the President? Shaping Youth Through Politics

Not sure how many of you have been following the First-Ever Kids' Primary, which began Jan. 13 on Nickelodeon’s Kids Pick the President site, a Linda Ellerbee hosted series drawing younger kids … [Read more...]

Did “Jott the Vote” Decide to “MoveOn?”

Jott, the voice to text transcription service that I wrote all about here, came up with Jott the Vote as a derivation last fall, but it went awol in classic ‘flash-n-dash’ startup mode, as … [Read more...]