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When Green Gets Jaded: Marketing Hope to Kids

June 5, 2015 World Environment Day"7 Billion Dreams, One Planet, Consume with Care." As the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) challenges dreamers worldwide to participate by pledging their … [Read more...]

The F word: Does ‘Feminist’ Need Rebranding? Ask Teens

This week’s Salon broadsheet celebrates womens' history month with some media must-sees, including the 'f-word' video making the rounds that asks, “What do America Ferrera, Larry David, … [Read more...]

Live Demo Saturday! Using The Age of Conversation for Social Good

Update: Digg It Now!!  Child advocates? Champions of change? Rev your social media engines. This Saturday, you can be a part of it all and see ‘how it’s done’ firsthand, … [Read more...]

Bimbo Bait: Is Silence or Outrage the Solution for Digital Drek?

Early April Fool's joke? Tasteless ploy of a 23-year old web guy for publicity and profit perhaps? Just when you thought media influence on body image had reached the tipping point of toxicity, our … [Read more...]

Screen A Movie, Make A Difference: A Media Model for Mobilization

Just as “What are you doing?” sparked a social media revolution with the evolution of Twitter, “How can I make a difference?” has the potential to be answered swiftly with a … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Features “All Girls Week:” A Gender Discussion

As we wrap up Women’s History Month this March, Shaping Youth kicks off a full week of “all things girl, asking the $10,000 question, have we gone forwards or backwards in shaping youth … [Read more...]

Youth Engagement In Virtual Walk for Water (World Water Day)

Update Mar. 22, 2016 World Water Day  As the privatization of water controversy makes a splash with multinational corporations like Coke and Nestle jockeying to be part of the scarcity solution, … [Read more...]

Kids’ Gardening, Spring Break, & the ‘Seinfeld’ Equinox

“Mom, why does the date keep changing for the first day of Spring (and Easter, too?)" When the vernal equinox confounds even the science fair kiddies with calendar confusion (20th vs. 21st) … [Read more...]

Facebook Study Group Verdict: Zero Sum Game

CBC News reports 18-year old Chris Avenir is now a free man, able to go about his Ryerson University classes without the deluge of digital cameras flashing around him and microphones "poking" him in … [Read more...]

HopeLab Raises A Ruckus To Get Kids Moving! Winners Announced!

The good news is, Pamela Omidyar's HopeLab just announced the winners of Ruckus Nation, a global idea competition to get kids moving with physical activity. Bad news is, we were too busy implementing … [Read more...]

How to Turn People Green

Update: Mar. 16, 2013 Irish or not, you knew we’d feature green today, as famous landmarks light up in green throughout the globe for St Patrick's Day...We're going to continue our eco-focus gearing … [Read more...]

Math, Media & Pi Day Converge as Kids Honor 3.14

Pi Day 3.14.16...Just when I thought last year's number sequence was the big historic once a century focus, ABC news shares this year is equally noteworthy as 'rounded pi' of 3.1416 when rounded to … [Read more...]

Hospital Sells Out Kids W/Abercrombie Alliance

Talk about emergency and trauma! What’s next, a Victoria’s Secret rape crisis center? Ugh. Is ANYthing off-limits? Stuart Elliott of the New York Times wrote about the $10 million … [Read more...]

SXSW, Digital Doings & Teen Docu-Drama Genre

Sleep-deprived digerati are schlepping into offices today, home from the SXSW interactive conference, brimming with mashups, and 'must-sees,’ from core conversations to Games For Change. Alas. … [Read more...]

“Chris Didn’t Cheat” Site Reflects Web 2.0 Media Speed

As you can see by the comment landed in my post yesterday, a San Diego State University student has already put up a "Chris Didn't Cheat" website to support 18-year old engineering student Chris … [Read more...]

Is a Facebook Study Group “Cheating?”

What’s the difference between a virtual study group & meeting face to face in the library or dorm room? Policy, please? So far, I've got to side with the students, as this makes no sense … [Read more...]

Cool Digital Tool Shows What Nutrients YOUR Body Needs

Attention Tweenage Breakfast Dodgers! Now you have even more incentive to sip some OJ, grab a banana, and snarf some raisin bran or whole wheat toast before school... A study in the March issue … [Read more...]

New Media Made Easy: Wikis, RSS, & Twitter Defined

Back up the train. When I started Shaping Youth, I’d been writing in very basic form for the now dormant Common Sense Media blog, using easy explanations to discuss how commercialism and digital … [Read more...]

Kids & Digital Marketing: Let’s Turn This Tanker Around

Before I founded Shaping Youth, I spent years writing for ocean liners, travel accounts and all kinds of 'high end consumer goods.' It always amazed me watching the little tugs help guide the vessels … [Read more...]