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Greenwashing: Sustainable Brands vs. Branding Bandwagons

Promise I’ll get to the green tween media virtual worlds post right after my ‘Care & Feeding of Preteens’ speaking event tomorrow, (Animoto video preview here) but meanwhile, … [Read more...]

The Miley Mess & Role Model Reverb: What to Do

Before I turn part two of yesterday's preteen post on the pop culture hypefest of Miley Cyrus over to Dr. Robyn Silverman, our adolescent body image expert, I just want to say THIS is why I left the … [Read more...]

Parents and Preteens Aren’t Too Smiley About Miley

It may be 'vanity' but it's certainly not 'fair.' I'm speaking of course about the controversial Miley Cyrus cover story that put the reining queen of preteen wannabes in 'whoa, nelly' mode, looking … [Read more...]

Danica Patrick: A Racy Kids’ Role Model to Champion?

Feb. 17, 2013 Update: Yes, she's a great race car driver and she has "won the pole" topping her NASCAR career. No, I'm NOT changing my opinion from this prior post 2008 (after the jump) … [Read more...]

Common Sense Media Forms Moms On Media Community

Promise I'll finish my Earth Day eco-posts on Dizzywood's Arbor Day Foundation digital alliance, Zookazoo's water and power eco-games & Habbo's greening of their virtual worlds for eco-consumption … [Read more...]

Kids Plant Virtual Trees to Benefit REAL Trees in Dizzywood!

I'm heading to the city for Earth Day which may seem like an outdoor oxymoron, but it doesn't have to be...just check out Nature In The for great kids ideas. I met these folks this past … [Read more...]

Dr. Robyn Silverman Joins Shaping Youth As Our Body Image Pro

We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Robyn Silverman as our new body image expert here at Shaping Youth, where I’ll no doubt also pick her brains as a consultant for my documentary film underway … [Read more...]

Mamma’s Got A Brand New Bag…er…Face. Nose. Belly.

Is the media baiting us again? I can't wait to hear what our friends at Beauty and the Breast have to say about this one! Being a writer, kids around me are accustomed to me soliciting feedback, in … [Read more...]

Operation Teen Book Drop Supports YA Lit With Street Teams

Never fails…Every time I try to pre-slate a feature it gets bumped to the backburner because something pops up with date-driven, time-sensitive urgency that merits attention. No exception … [Read more...]

Best Practices For Kids Social Media: Profile Settings

How can we help kids’ learn to configure their profiles so they have fun on social media sites, while protecting themselves from needless data-mining, behavioral profiling, ad targeting, spam … [Read more...]

“My Data is My Data:” Putting Choice Back into Social Media

My Data is My is a plug-in for those of us who are not so wild about social media hubs tracking our every move for data-mining purposes like the infamous Facebook Beacon controversy I wrote … [Read more...]

Virtual Worlds Are Still Unwritten: Can We Move Beyond Consumption?

Natasha Bedingfield’s performing in Habbo's teen virtual world April 10th and her hit song ironically correlates to the future of this kids’ digital platform, as she sings, “I am … [Read more...]

The Attention Factor Applies to Kids, Celebrities, Spouses

Alice Aspen March was my "celebrity commercial break" in my  Shaping Youth workshop about using the power of media for positive change at last week's CCFC summit, honoring Morgan Spurlock for his … [Read more...]

Role Modeling Resiliency: How Are Kids’ Coping Skills?

Update April 15, 2013 Don't miss this worthwhile post by Lori Day on 10 Ways to Raise Resilient Kids in Turbulent Times on HuffPo; excellent piece with tips galore; especially fitting for tragic … [Read more...]

Seeding Virtual Worlds: Kids’ Going Green in Dizzywood Gazebo

Yesterday in my Nim's Island post about integrating eco-values with entertainment, Izzy Neis posted a query in the comment section, "What do you think would make a great example of supporting … [Read more...]

Nim’s Island: Shaping Youth Through Imagination & Adventure

“Be the hero of your own story.” Ooh, I’m likin’ this one already…and Nim’s Island doesn’t even open in theatres until Friday. Heads up, eco-educators! … [Read more...]