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Girls Rock! Movie: Banding Together Across the Country

They’re baaaaack! Girls Rock! (the movie) is playing a reprise role in S.F. (this time at The Red Vic MovieHouse in the Haight, rock central in shades of Janis Joplin retro style!) Trailer … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Via Tapestries of Hope: Go To IndieGoGo!

Last August when Shaping Youth advisory board member and maverick documentary producer/director Michealene Cristini Risley returned from Zimbabwe, she pinged me with a handful of understated words, … [Read more...]

YPulse Research Launches; Digital Youth Posts Videos Online

Lots happening in the research realm lately, as CSM/MacArthur Foundation’s forum held at Stanford goes online in video format, after being webcast live into Second Life, which I wrote about … [Read more...]

The Value of Unstructured Play; Dr. Susan Linn On Tour

An Israeli play group of parents were yakking in Hebrew as their wee ones climbed, crawled and explored the soft mats, cubes and fellow toddlers at Parents Place on the Peninsula. I watched out of … [Read more...]

Virtual Healing: War Torn Teens Face Reality Post-Iraq Duty

Aug. 20, 2016 Update Excellent points made in this MindShift feature on using virtual reality with children and adolescents. As Stanford begins to explore the positive use of VR in psychiatry and … [Read more...]

Energy Drinks & Alcohol: A Monster Mix of Madness

Here we go again…Which drinks at left are benign? We’ve been down this road before about market confusion, cardiac cocktails of caffeine and the inherent dangers of energy drinks and … [Read more...]

McDavid: Digital Ditty Mocking Junk Food Fare

How often do kids get a chance to merge art history, anti-junk food messaging and viral ‘forward to a friend’ fare in one big yuck-fest of ‘ewww?’ The e-mail caption … [Read more...]

Show & Tell Tactics That Stick In Kids’ Brains

This rubbery, anatomically correct representation of one pound of fat (about the size of a coffee mug) works wonders to toss around the room with kids to literally feel the weight in our ‘Sim … [Read more...]

Healthy Student Vending Needn’t Be An Oxymoron?

YoNaturals Healthy (Washington Post photo gallery here) could hold a promising win-win solution for schools who want junk out but options in... Their pilot program has morphed … [Read more...]

Adina’s Deck Gives Kids A Clue on Solving Cyberbullying Mysteries

In the wake of yesterday’s federal grand jury cyberbullying indictment of a twisted MySpace hoax which resulted in a teen’s suicide, it seems a good time to revisit the cruelty of the … [Read more...]

Precedent Setting Cyberbullying Indictment for Missouri Mom

“The world would be a better place without you.” Just think about that phrase for awhile. Let it sink in. Feel the pain. I don’t care if it was directed to a cockroach, it … [Read more...]

Beyonce’s Deréon Divas: Pop-Tarts & Sesame Streetwalkers

Just as I was thinking I wouldn’t have time to post today because of Shaping Youth’s film screening fund-raiser of Two Angry Moms a chime came into my e-mail from Dr. Robyn Silverman with … [Read more...]

Breaking the Color Code & Princess Power

One of my favorite ‘stereotypes in media’ moments is when I get to use my own background to instill critical thinking skills in teens.At the national Girls For A Change summitfor instance, I had the … [Read more...]

Digital Media in Education: First Annual Sesame Symposium

On Friday, digital education dominated the kidsphere, spanning from my own NextNow collaboratory peer, Claudia L’Amoreaux of Second Life, speaking at the Smithsonian on storytelling and … [Read more...]

Moms Who Inspire & the Non-Moms Who Support Us!

A bouquet of thanks to all of the mothers out there who are sharing their knowledge and tips for making the world a better place for kids, including favorite visionaries and parenting … [Read more...]

Childhood Matters: Moms Speak Out On Food and Love

Our ‘sneak preview’ screening of Two Angry Moms was lightly attended in San Mateo tonight, but it was still great to kick around ideas about hands-on solutions to instigate change, … [Read more...]

Envirolution! Green Society Gets the Red Carpet Treatment

Shaping Youth's fellow semifinalists in the 2008 Echoing Green competition are founders Tim, Alex, and Antuan, of Envirolution who made it along with yours truly as one of the top 25% of global orgs … [Read more...]

Using Marketing Methods to ‘Sell’ Kids Healthier Food

August 11, 2015 Update Check out these 31 healthy ideas for kids' snacking by Play Fuel which draw from industry marketing tactics as well!On a "how low can you go" level of problematic food industry … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth’s Film Screenings of “Two Angry Moms!”

With school winding down it may seem like an odd time to engage people interested in getting better food into schools, but Shaping Youth is big on ‘planting the seeds’ to nourish … [Read more...]

Preteen Media Influence: Kickin’ In Like Clockwork!

As I drove my 7th grade daughter to school this morning, I practically leaped out of the driver’s seat when she turned to hug me goodbye. I thought there was a spider on her face, but it was … [Read more...]