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Media Rules! Shaping Youth Interviews Brian Reich

We interrupt this series on product placement and new FCC media rules to add a very pertinent voice into the mix, digital dynamo Brian Reich, co-author with Dan Solomon of Media Rules! Brian Reich … [Read more...]

This Vacation is Brought to You By…(Part 2: Branding Partnerships)

Cruise news, trip tips, kids' brand loyalty pitches at cheerleading camps, sports and spa getaways... Who's sponsoring your 'fun?' Are you aware? Cruise lines are wisely using their own social … [Read more...]

This Vacation is Brought to You By…

Oh, how I wish I were 12 again...Apple Camp Workshop is a three-hour FREE hands-on media camp for kids 8-12, in slick ‘seed the brand’ style (as if Apple needs more youth cult … [Read more...]

Buffed Boy Body Image and Teen Scene ‘Hottie’ Factor

Teen pals a little testier than usual? Ever heard of ‘roid rage?’ Awhile back I wrote about body image issues offering “equal opportunity toxicity” as young boys have increased body dysmorphia, … [Read more...]

My Daughter Drank the Kool-Aid: Media Moments in Adolescence

Media's power has an odd way of sneaking up on you at unexpected moments...Remember this one I wrote about preteen body/beauty influence? Well, this weekend, she eagerly tapped into wikipedia and … [Read more...]

New Moon Girl Media: Orb28 Gives Rise to Teen Voices (Part 2)

Ready to tap into the 'inner sphere' of the upcoming teen site Orb28? Continuing yesterday's post about youth media orgs like these ready to put pop culture messaging on a whole new frequency, … [Read more...]

New Moon’s Rising For Girls Media: Orb28 For Teens 13-15+ (Part 1)

Orb28 Let's see: Orb: "A sphere of influence, a collective body"...28: numeral referring to the moon's cycle...New Moon: lunar phase when the moon orbits between the Earth and the Sun; Moon: a symbol … [Read more...]

Manga Makeovers and Other Body Image Cartoon Capers (Part 2)

It’s devil’s advocate day here, as I try to flush out my bias and take a centrist point of view on the cartoon character facelift conundrum, exploring ‘then and now’ from a sociological perspective, … [Read more...]

Facelifts for Kiddie Characters: Rebranding ’80s Icons?

Last week’s New York Times article on 21st century ‘facelifts’ for kiddie characters gave me the willies on a variety of fronts, despite the fact that I’ve personally ‘freshened’ many a brand in my … [Read more...]

Media Unplugged: Shaping Youth Off the Grid

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I've been needing to 'unplug' in a big way judging from my "828 unread e-mails" and 7,932 in my inbox. So I'm going to try a little experiment beyond being MEDIA … [Read more...]

Peter Coyote Lends His Voice to Dads & Daughters New Video

“Is your daughter more influenced by media images than you'd like her to be?” Um…understatement of the year, here. 73% of dads polled on Dads & Daughters agree. I LOVE Dads … [Read more...]

Zrii & the Tao of Healthy Beverages: What’s IN This Stuff?

Raised predominantly in Hawaii, packaging like Fiji water and Zrii always catches my eye, as do lofty health claims like, “a drink so nutritionally complete that it has no equal in all of … [Read more...]

Defending Pretending: The Need for Prominent Play (Part 2)

Update: 6-25: USA Today Interview with Susan Linn here. When’s the last time you unplugged to take time, space, and silence to reconnect with yourself and just play? It’s no secret that … [Read more...]

Heads Up, Screen Fiends! The Case for Make Believe (Part 1)

Update: 6-25: USA Today Interview with Susan Linn here. So, you think junior's getting a jump start with baby media, electronic pacifiers, and the cell phone as a rattle, eh? Think again. The … [Read more...]

Flying Under the Radar: e-Health Innovators, Digital Darlings

This week’s Under the Radar conference which tracks early stage innovation announced that our friends at Dizzywood were awarded “Best in Show” of the 32 companies chosen to present … [Read more...]

Teen Triplets Create Polar Bear Nation: Clothing for a Cause

Speaking of Young People Who Rock, next time adults get in a funk about the future of our country, or need re-energized and activated to take on the state of our planet, click on this CNN video … [Read more...]

Rock & Roll Camp for Girls; Tween Talent Hits the Virtual Stage

After a grueling jan-kan-po match last night to see if I’d land in the Haight for the Girls Rock! reprise, or on the peninsula for Dr. Susan Linn’s Case for Make-Believe book tour, I opted … [Read more...]