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Shaping Youth Recommends: Adina’s Deck

Shaping Youth will be screening the original Adina's Deck film as part of our  film fest integrating youth and parent education! Watch our 'Upcoming Screenings' page to see where and when we'll be … [Read more...]

Adina’s Deck Gives Kids A Clue on Solving Cyberbullying Mysteries

In the wake of yesterday’s federal grand jury cyberbullying indictment of a twisted MySpace hoax which resulted in a teen’s suicide, it seems a good time to revisit the cruelty of the … [Read more...]

Reach and Teach Fall 2012: Screening of Consuming Kids

Free and Fun! RSVP when date posts on EventBrite! Join us to expand the conversation about consumerism, consumption, commercialism and more as Shaping Youth relaunches our parent education FREE … [Read more...]

Using Kid Lit To Read The Right Message About Bullying

April 18, 2010 Many of you know I clench when I hear the word ‘reporter’ (even though I’m one and the same, it’s different when you’re behind the keyboard) because media has powerful potential to … [Read more...]

Two Angry Moms Bring A Fresh Approach To Shaping Youth 9-21!

Filmmaker Amy Kalafa will be with us in October in person instead of September! Haven’t lost my ad agency headline-writing ability to cram all the vital sponsorship info into a log line, but … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Virgin Meebo User at YPulse…

Youth mobile activism? Media mashups? M-commerce? M-trends? Heads up...I'd say keep your eyes peeled on Meebo for starters, as this live instant message platform is coming out with all kinds of new … [Read more...]

Precedent Setting Cyberbullying Indictment for Missouri Mom

“The world would be a better place without you.” Just think about that phrase for awhile. Let it sink in. Feel the pain. I don’t care if it was directed to a cockroach, it … [Read more...]