flipping-media-reportShaping Youth’s mission is to shift negative influences of pop culture to a healthier worldview for kids.

We’re implementing innovative programs for parents and kids (via film, web, mobile, hands-on education, & enrichment) to build awareness and promote healthier values by using the power of the media turned on itself.

Our self-funded, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization changes the channel of influence using entertainment tactics to impart informal learning three ways:

1.) Embedding positive behavioral cues inside media itself (pilot testing within virtual worlds, social media, gaming, mobile media)

2.) Eliciting content accountability/change from industry producers (advocating via social media on Twitter, blog, multi-channel platforms w/partners etc.)

3.) Counter-marketing harmful messages with media literacy (instilling awareness, critical thinking and vital youth inquiry via fun, hands-on “M-power” edu-game format)