Growth (What’s next)

Copy (2) of reality show gamesMonetizing A Moving Media Target:

Silicon Valley startup pals and advisers toss their two cents in with every new content iteration and topic tackled in the media literacy arena, and I’ve pivoted so many times I feel like I’m doing the cha-cha.

Acknowledging that self-funding to prevent conflict of interest while mapping out mobile/social scalability is only an interim solution, we are now shifting toward actively seeking partners who share our vision and have the clout to pay it forward in multiple media channels.


“Keep the hands-on format of the games via train the trainer video demo so parents, camps, scout troops, teachers, and after school programs can customize the fun and deploy it how they want”

“Go open source and let educators build on the ‘flip the message’ templates and tactics”

“Offer the counter-marketing tactics and m-power games as short form e-books downloadable via web”

“Co-brand the m-power games with big media underwriting partners for corporate social responsibility, or crowdfund for open-source autonomy”

“Turn the media literacy games into a mobile app for everyone”

“Gamify the experience to reach kids directly”

“Co-produce or partner with a large corp media entity or nonprofit who can push out the content to a massive audience”

Current Assets:

  • Series of M-power hands-on media literacy games

  • Robust blog platform, forum: Critical thinking + editorial content on media and marketing’s impact on kids

  • “Junior ad exec” kids’ camp/after school program deconstructing how ads and media/marketing persuade online and offline

  • Illustrated children’s book teaching critical thinking

  • Parents education film fest/community chat night event template to host small group screenings of important documentaries like the Media Education Foundation films

Work With Us? We’re Interested In… 

Selective content and distribution partnerships, column/contributor and participatory arrangements, and syndicating excerpts and condensed versions of current and/or updatable articles to various media outlets (e.g. already contracted with Modern Parenthood/CSM, seeking digital journalism/guest columns opps for major media) 

Offering white-label versions of the core content to health care organizations and foundations for community outreach and youth wellness as a socio-emotional and physical element of adolescent preventive health programs (affordable licensing/use fee citizen journalism content model)

Bundling ‘the best of’ case studies and critical thinking research into a pop culture parenting book of usable tactics and solutions, with a digital ‘living book’ participatory addendum to share real time tips via live chat/Twitter party/social media hangouts

Considering underwriters and/or benign content sponsors for ongoing digital media projects

Maximizing research, data, and social media travel and conference coverage in the children’s media digital sphere

Consulting as idea hamsters for positive product dev from a youth advocacy/parental branding lens