Vision (What’s unique)

Copy (3) of counter-marketingHands-On Gamification of Critical Thinking

Whether it takes the form of role play, digital deconstruction, online or offline activities, we gets kids thinking about reframing their sense of self through pop culture cues.

Drawing from experts in the field like the work of BJ Fogg’s Behavioral Model from the Stanford Persuasion Technology Lab,  we use the ‘reveal’ and ‘aha’ moment, as a way for KIDS to hold the power, absorbing the manipulation of media messaging through informal learning working collaboratively with peers.

We also have a unique vision of flipping the education style…we empower KIDS to teach the lessons they’ve learned to their PARENTS, bringing home the concepts to ‘show and tell’ in their own homes, influencing parents’ positive purchasing power through mutual education.

(Our friends at Cool The “Big Problems Can Be Solved in Small Ways” are using this ‘school to home’ model for social change too, with a mobile app upcoming in 2014 to scale and share their ideas in a similar manner!)

From diminishing junk food through label literacy to raising awareness about other health and wellness issues like sexualization and critical thinking around gender inclusive stereotypes and limitations, kids educate their parents via critical thinking using ‘m-power’ to see media through a different lens. 

Copy (4) of D2C-wellnessWe’ll be adding some “short sheet” examples of the process from one of our most popular games: Dare to Compare: A Gross Out Game for Good Nutrition on a demo page soon, meanwhile here are a few related posts showing how we play with healthy messaging in that game:

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