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Who’s in the house at Shaping Youth? This new column will share views from some of our prominent advisers, from pediatricians to doctoral media literacy pros on a wide array of subjects impacting kids and public health.

The Doctor is In…

We’ll no doubt team up with the Mediatrician, Dr. Greene, Fast Forward Health and Pulse + Signal on Health 2.0 and mHealth, Dr. Robyn Silverman, Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker and more in the media, health and wellness sphere. If you have a submission or topic to be considered, give me  a shout!



A sample post, ripe for debate:

Danica Patrick: A Racy Kids Role Model To Champion or is it a “zero sum game” when the highest paid female athletes sell out with a wink and nod to sexualization?

Some argue this is a “Dumb Like a Fox” manipulation of media forces, while others see it as sending out a sexualized sameness approach with a “leader turned sex kitten lens” that expresses to kids a damaging message that no matter how powerful or influential you become, being ‘sexy’ is a societal symbol of self-worth and hot ticket to success and wealth. I’ve debated with myself on some of these topics and the tides have shifted over time…

The sensationalized overuse of “edgy” sending conflicting media messages in the ratings game, contributing to public health issues for sheer profit. (outrage baiting, racial/cultural stereotypes and misappropriation, Grammy DV damaging juxtaposition, shock jock hate speech etc.)

Time to hear more diversity in voice and views. Dads, men and boys? Youth, teens and tweens? What’s on your mind?

Sound off…Suggest topics, send links or write commentary for submission. Privacy? Media management? STEM? Gaming? Apps? Media Diversity? Gender coding? Special needs portrayals? EdTech? Studies like the Affect of Media and Technology on Children (Age 8 and Under in the U.S.)? GMOs? Food marketing? School stress? Student athletes? Reproductive rights?

Propose a media literacy lens to ANY topic that impacts the physical, mental, social emotional wellness of youth, and whether it helps or hinders opportunities for a healthier worldview for us all…

Content + Distribution Partner Expansion 

We’re already strong supporters of allied media literacy organizations like (Media literacy for parents, “No Grown Up Left Behind”)…Center for Media and Child Health (Mediatrician, Dr. Michael Rich, and Media Education Foundation ( but we’ll be adding to these content rich hubs for media and digital literacy by cross-promoting best practices in the use of media, marketing and youth with a wellness lens.

Shaping Youth will also be featuring “must see media”  videos, interviews, and positive picks that directly pertain to children’s media and new product development. (Current partnership contracts  include Rosalind (Creating Cultures of Dignity), Modern Parenthood (CSMonitor) and will soon be shortening pieces for syndication, sharing with A Platform for Good)  Want to propose a column or content alliance? Who’s doing great work out there?