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thinkingblogger2ql6.jpgShaping Youth was pinged for a Thinking Blogger Award by FrugalMom, as one of those ‘blog tag’ viral games where you name your five faves and link to significant influencers in your blogosphere. This is a perfect example of digital media AND marketing, so I’ll bite, and pass around a few little nibbles to nosh on.

I splash around in numerous puddles, from nonpartisans to nonprofits, and though my picks are not exclusively ‘children and media’ based, these blogs orbit my world of influence and eventually hit the kidsphere.

I should add that FrugalMom already tagged two foodies, so I’ve disqualified myself from including the Mouth Revolution blog or any food sites like Appetite for Profit, so I’ll choose more peripheral picks for broad-based topicality.

Digital Destiny: A blend of Washington insider and digerati, Jeff Chester reports on the latest media issues with a keen eye for conflict of interest, and a filtered lens that sifts out the rhetoric to get to the real story.

Have Fun, Do Good: Britt Bravo’s blog inspires, informs, and enlightens me to cool people that should be on my radar, either professionally or personally. She also runs a helpful ‘blog tip’ site for those of us that are newbies.

Edge: I stumbled upon this to send to my NextNow collaboratory/think tank crew and must say, it’s not quite a ‘blog’ but the random musings light up my synapses in all quadrants, and truly bring meaning to the concept of sites “that make you think.”

Tie: Two industry pros: Away With Words: Nancy is a wordsmith colleague and pal who keeps me on my toes when I’ve used too many puns or slide into cliché. Her blog is as sharp as her wit, and her column runs on the Virtual Thesaurus site which is a fab tool for writer geeks like me. AND Clemans on Marketing: Laurie is a thought leader, creative cohort, and one of “the good guys” in advertising with a conscience, (who’s also in my NextNow thinktank crew, so she’s smart as a whip.) Her entrepreneurial spirit translates seamlessly into high profile design, and her industry blog banter keeps me amused and on top of it all.

Tie: Two Shaping Youth Advisors: Sky’s Blog, Dalai Lama Foundation: Don’t let the DL Zen-style do-gooder title fool you, Sky is our CTO, (DL’s too) and he’s a strategic thinker with media insights in technology far beyond the teen scene and Project Happiness. Brad Reddersen of Stranova (our podcast guru) has some of the most insightful interviews from thought leaders throughout the globe found on multiple aggregators and of course, itunes! He’s absolutely amazing, and his partner’s new launch, Offerings Publications, is one to watch too.

There ya have it! My worthy picks, for “bloggers who make you think!” Tag. You’re it. Pass it on, link back!



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