“Bring Your Baby to Life With Your Wii Remote?”

wii babyNov. 2, 2009 Not sure which part of this creeps me out more, the fact that 21st century baby dolls have a Wiimote crammed up the wazoo to ‘bring the baby to life’ as a Wii system accessory, the passive pink gender cues for girls and total absence of boys as video parenting poppas, or the product picture being a dead-ringer look alike of my own offspring at that age. Ewww all around.

C’mon Nintendo, I’ll buy that exergames may be giving shut-ins an active alternative to the outdoors, (having seen Wii sports/fitness used successfully in afterschool urban hubs and hospitals, and for casual family fun) but what can you really DO with this thing once you’ve rocked it awhile with full Wii Balance Board support? Wake it? Shake it?

A “Case for Make Believe” if ever I saw one. Alright, let’s be fair, it allows you to do a few other things too. Play mode games include “rattle, catch, clap & balloons,” and you can ‘burp it and teach it how to walk’ with the balance board kidvid too. Just ducky. Oh, and of course (wait for it!) you can customize baby with NEW clothes, accessories and playrooms. (what’s a brand without product extensions for more consumption eh?)

Yes, yes, I know, Nintendo, you CAN use an ‘existing’ doll to strap on the Wii too…but that will make for some ornery sibling moments as pillows, footballs, or the family cat gets put through the paces to make it ‘do something.’ (Envision ‘can you top this’ UGC humor videos proliferating, ack)

Already we’re seeing toxic cues in the blogosphere like:

“I want to get it purely so I can play Wii Tennis by swinging a baby”…

“My baby’s head went through the TV, can I get a replacement?”…

“I think playing this with WarioWare could be HILARIOUS.”

Nintendo? Hope you’ll stick your Wiimote product dev team into more exergaming instead of babydolls.

Games don’t need to be “all pink” either, honest…;-)

Special thanks to Aussie-phile Bill Daul of our NextNow Collaboratory for the hat tip here, and to EW’s PopWatch for the h/t on the video! Oh, and this product will remain in Australia, the special edition has not plans for a U.S. product launch…Learned the marcom lessons of Baby Gluton, eh?



  1. Is this for real? Is there actually a game like this in Wii? What would kids benefit from this? I bet, my daughter would actually beg to have it. Oh man! I’m sure it’s pricey!

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