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Joe Camel Meets Pink Think: Will the FDA rule?

“It strains the imagination that this is not aimed at anyone other than 15-, 16-, 17-year-old girls," said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, in today’s fuming brouhaha over whether the FDA should regulate … [Read more...]

Readergirlz: YA Books Become A New Media Experience

Dust off your book jackets, click some tunes and get ready to have some fun as one dimensional media turns into a multi-platform conversation! Launching March 1st, in time for National … [Read more...]

Green Media & Electric Cars: New Energy Shaping Youth

Update Mar. 22, 2013: Just stepped into the future in a silent Tesla sedan that zoomed 0 to 60 in 3 seconds like a 007 James Bond stunt car, piloted by a neighbor pal of mine (who happens to be a … [Read more...]

Positive Coaching Alliance Offers Media Tips & Life Lessons

Last week MSNBC editorialized on the essential factors of a classic sports movie: “Feature Underdog(s), Stick it to the Man, Make Men Cry, Provide Memorable Quotes, and Inspire Real … [Read more...]

Can Somethin’ Be Done About All This Consumption?

Does a stuffed animal REALLY need its OWN designer camera cell phone, ipod, silver sequined belt, 'pawsport' to travel, sneakers, underpanties, headband, matching outfit and gazillion … [Read more...]

Wrigley Field Now Sounds Like a Deodorant

There's "ad creep" in the outfield. Under Armour logos will now blare through the historic ivy-covered walls of venerable Wrigley Field. Hard to imagine the two doors in left and right field … [Read more...]

Kids’ Passionate Desire for Celebrity is Heart-Breaking

It’s dripping in irony that Newsweek’s cover story makes a headline morality play “What are Celebs Teaching Kids” while featuring the celubutante divas of the pop-tart scene front and center to cash … [Read more...]

Teen Twitter: Mobile-Social Media Minutiae

People were atwitter about the ‘addictive’ nature of the new social networking site Twitter when I attended the Community Next event at Stanford Saturday. This is Odeo's global … [Read more...]

Eat Like An Ape: The Media Circus at Work

Here’s a reality show pitch for ya… What if we feature the BBC television ‘Eat like an Ape’ experiment that caged humans in the zoo to lower blood pressure and cholesterol … [Read more...]

Shaping Youth Through Online Media: Community Next

Lately I’ve been grappling with how to uncork a dialogue about “kids” vs. “youth culture.” We need to fine tune our mindsets when protectionism and policy drivers … [Read more...]

“Love Buzz”: Beer Cans in the Kiddie Aisle Fall Flat

Here we go again. Shades of those old candy cigarettes from yesteryear that went by the wayside. Kiddie Valentine treats plopped in a can of brewski? Beer cans of ‘love buzz’ in the … [Read more...]

Dove Ditches Super Bowl; Media Tips from Dads & Daughters

This Super Bowl Sunday, our favorite Dove Campaign for Real Beauty ad has flown the coop. They’re smart birds to shift to the Academy Awards venue, because even though the genders are supposedly … [Read more...]

Talk about an Err(or): Cartoon Marketing Stunt Bombs

Headline news touts a huge generational misunderstanding between Cartoon Networks’ kitsch character, “Err” from their late night “Adult Swim” show, “Aqua Teen … [Read more...]