A Picture Is Worth…A Free Cure For Lackus Appreciatis

lackus-appreciatisApril 29, 2009 Thought I was going to say ‘1000 Words’ right? (Kodak is counting on it)

With flashbacks of the Invisible Woman campaign from Moms Rising last year, Kodak Gallery is echoing a recession-friendly, customizable ‘cure’ for “Lackus Appreciatus” by hosting a give-away of one million FREE photo cards reminiscent of the ‘million mom march’ awhile back. It’s not a profound activist site to make permanent change, like the Fair Pay Act, it’s just whimsical freebie fun.

The clever Mom-a-thon site is meant to ward off the dreaded disease of “lackus appreciatis” as diagnosed by the ‘appreciation deficit scale’ at their ‘Center of Prevention.’

My guess is the Mom-a-thon will snag folks like me who come for the freebie, then browse customizable fun stuff from pillowcases to photostickers. (I use photostickers for ‘kid-gifting’ so even early readers can SEE who the gift is from, leaving behind those embarrassing ‘who gave you that?’  misplaced card moments)

In a retro nod to yesteryear, famous Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson is stumping for this ‘seriously fun’ public health style viral marketing campaign…

kodakThough given the latest swine flu panic, health officials may not find the timing of a riff on an ‘outbreak’ particularly appealing…Even though:

“Millions of mothers are suffering from underappreciation and seasonal ingratitude,” and you can help “cure” them in “send a card, save a mom” mode.

Realistically, the CDC and health authorities have their hands full quelling media fires of xenophobic profiling and misinformation, so they’ll probably never even have time to SEE the spoof that opens to a melancholy piano soundtrack…Much less witness the all too familiar bonk on the head of a soccer mom, toys flinging about in chaos and an air kiss that’s bupkiss…


But for moms who have lived it?

The viral video alone is sure to tease a smile!

AppScout adds, “To grab a free card, follow this link, then browse through the gallery of designs. Choose your favorite, upload a photo, and then add your personal message. When you go to check out, enter the code FREECARD. You’ll still be charged for shipping. Some things can’t be helped.”

Video and details below, plus are a few more fun finds to put in your Mother’s Day thought pile…

Most of all, a plain ol’ hug and snuggle is what I could use more than anything, most every day…not just Mom’s Day.


Hear that, Miss K? 😉

Lackus appreciatis can be whupped without even a free card. (though photo keepsakes linger longer to reboot that smile)

Ever heard the Canadian chanteuse Charlotte Diamond singing her ‘Four Hugs a Day’ song? Used to be a preschool staple here, with the lyrics reminding “that’s the minimum, not the maximum.”

I think I need to resurrect it for her teen years. Meanwhile, to all of the over-worked public health officials  (you too, Rebeca, my dear research associate!) don’t forget ol’ mom…send her a digital freebie to be enjoyed year-round.

A Few Other Lackus Appreciatis Mother’s Day Gestures:

A Women’s Investment: Worldshapers (Inspiring FREE e-book coming soon from Aussie social media guru Jasmin Tragas featuring those of us struggling to make change in the world!  She’s looking for sponsors to keep it a freebie, so tell all your industry gal pals)

Special Things Kids Can Do For Mom (From ‘Kids Turn Central’, a compilation of ideas, ‘herstory’ of the occasion, a place to post a tribute online and more)

Free Mother’s Day Poems For Non-Commercial Use (Better yet, write your own)

Playing for Change: Songs Around the World (It’s official the DVD I wrote about here, just came out 48 hours ago!)

Marine Mammal Center: Adopt Delta & Dawn (mother and calf humpback whales who veered off-course and won the hearts of Ca.)

Reason for Hope Book and also Jane Goodall Institute: Chimp Guardianship (mother–child bonds in chimpanzee society last throughout life–just as ours do)

Inhabitat Mother’s Day Green Gift Guide and their sister site, Inhabitots show how cool sustainable design can be

The Green Zebra: Change Your Stripes, Go Mobile Too! (Our local savings for sustainable living pals at The Green Zebra have come out with ‘Zebra bucks’ for mobile phones, to save green on the go instantly!)

Moms Rising FREE e-card Viral Video: (Infant Aerial Stunt Team Onesie Jumping, to make a point with your Mom’s Day message)

BlogHer Mother’s Day 2009: Best/Worst Media Moms (fun videos from sweetney to remind us that we’ve all got a ‘role’ in the media mix)

Girl Mogul Picks Such As: My Mom–Her Story. Her Words

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts/Kids Crafts (From the Insightful Nana’ blog: love the teacup/flowerpot-frog idea; my mom always did Ikebana so this resonates!)

Mother’s Day, Open to Hope: Healing the Grieving Heart (excellent site and teen tips reminding us that Mother’s Day is a tough time for many!)

Sea Turtle Restoration Project:  Adopt A Nest For Mom!

Britt Bravo’s Mother’s Day Donation Ideas (8 great ones)

Great Dad.com Offers Some Helpful Hints  & Narrowcasts a Top 5

Feel Good Finds: Organic bouquets and giant gestures (versus standard cut flowers), wellness in everything from product choices to spa services, put the ‘power of change’ into mom’s hands, or touchstone ‘affirmations’ like this Feel Good Bag of positivity, find your authentic voice and “act out with your mom” in positive ways in our own Improv Theater session led by ‘mother of the Rugrats’ Hollywood actress Melanie Chartoff aka Didi Pickles! (Still spaces left, RSVP to me pronto!)

Want More? So do I. Send us your favorite meaningful gestures, savior sites or freebie finds…

I’ll add ’em in a follow up post…

Kodak Gallery Million Mom-a-Thon: ” Offer entitles consumer to a $2.49 credit toward any photo card. Offer expires 5/16/09.”



  1. Speaking of MomsRising.org, this just in from their newsletter re: the flu, sick days and other impt. info:

    “Dear Amy, The reports keep coming in about swine flu. Schools, child care centers, workplaces, and it seems like just about everyone has a plan for dealing with outbreak –you’ve probably received memos about it too. And everyone has the same advice for preventing the spread of Swine Flu: If you or anyone in your family has symptoms, stay home.

    That’s good advice but, unfortunately, nearly half of private sector workers in the United States don’t have a single paid sick day. For them, staying home means losing pay and, perhaps, losing their job. In this economy, that’s a terrible choice to have to make.

    Due in no small part to the voices of MomsRising members, good news is on the horizon: We just heard that there is a proposed national law, called the Healthy Families Act, which is about to be introduced in Congress. This proposed law would require that employees be allowed to earn paid sick days, so they can stay home if they have symptoms, or to care for a child who has flu symptoms.

    Tell your Congressperson and U.S. Senators to co-sponsor the Healthy Families Act, and work to pass it into law without delay, today!”


  2. “Lackus Appreciatus, Lackus Appreciatus…” it sounds like a spell from Hogwarts, doesn’t it?

    But I printed those photos to send to Mom this morning (she doesn’t even do email) and they’ll be on their way soon.

    Sky’s last blog post..Hey! We already thought of that!

  3. Thank you so much for all your support of MomsRising.org! We really appreciate it.

    And we have a new customizable Mother’s Day video out, which you can enjoy here: http://bit.ly/m0TXa

    Anita’s last blog post..What’s $1.00 minus .78 cents?

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