A Salute to Seuss By Google: Read, Kids, Read

google-seussMar. 2, 2009 When I saw today’s splendid nonsensical-Seussical-Google-doodle (say that three times fast) altering their home page again, I smiled realizing this guessing game has become a bit of a sport with me.

Could it be a contest promo for their Doodle4Google kids’ illustrations I wrote about here? (after all, registration is coming up on St. Patty’s Day and doodles need to be in by March 31) Nope. Not that…Could it be a clever tribute to one the Dr. Seuss “stories behind the stories” elusively tucked into his pages in ‘figure it out’ style? Hmn, no. A Random House promo for the Seussville site? A Salute to Seuss wiki? YouTube channel? Or Facebook group of almost 15,000 fans?

A kick off to the 2009 NEA Read Across America activities like the Seuss Cat-A-Van Reading Tours, and other cool programs like the free downloadable digital read-along versions of Dr. Seuss books and free resources like posters, bookmarks, and reading achievement certificates? Getting warmer…

It’s the 105th Birthday of the dearly departed gent, who has filled our lives with much needed whimsy for many generations…(Just found out you can hover your cursor over the Google icon to reveal the ‘secret answer’ to the celebration, but hey that takes away all the mystery and fun)

I hope that top hat and silly cat will live on as a symbol of childlike glee forever, and a great big tip of the hat to Google for honoring Geisel. Clearly my favorite home page rendering yet! —By the way, what’s YOUR favorite Dr. Seuss book?



  1. As usual Amy a great article. Thanks, -bill

  2. thank you I am learning alot here.

  3. Appreciate you taking the time to leave a note! Come back again soon!

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