All Things Girl On Shaping Youth Kicks Off NEXT Week

Okay. My bad. I should’ve known before I opened my mouth that ‘the first week of November’ would be “All Things Girl” week here…With the elections, the launch of Elf Island’s Gaming for Good into beta tomorrow (full interview posting later today) and my backlog postings from the Health 2.0 conference, I realize I need to finish one cool thing before starting another.

Sooooo, I’ll be moving our “positive picks for girls” week accordingly. Meanwhile, the offer still stands to ALL readers to deluge me with their favorite sites, books, media, and hubs for BOYS to cover shortly thereafter. (There’s a bit of a dearth there, help me out, ‘k?)

I’m excited about sharing the latest from the Girls For A Change road tour of action zones, the Respect Rx rallies, and Hardy Girls Healthy Women plus new developments at Girls Horse Club, (including their amazing and inspiring tween written blog!) and what’s on the minds of tween girls at New Moon Girl Media, Beacon Street Girls, Reign of the Girl Child and tips for teen girls at Dr. Jenn for Girls and our own Dr. Robyn Silverman’s body image resource, Kiss My Assets…We’ll even be hosting a slogan contest for Girl Mogul tees, with the prize being hardbacks of Packaging Girlhood written by Shaping Youth advisory board members Dr. Sharon Lamb and Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown!

Stay tuned for some fun new sites and ‘girl’ finds, meanwhile visit Deb Smouse’s All Things” site where women of all ages showcase creative facets of their lives in the form of artwork, photography, poetry, prose and more in a BlogHer style hub of submissions of Everything Girl. Visual credit: PleasantonArtCamps Girl Power week! (PLEASE don’t forget to send in your BOY suggestions, ok?)



  1. Hi Amy!

    While I know the less than lovely connection with Unilever and Axe commercials, I was still very excited to write an article for the Dove Self Esteem Fund– after all, it’s read by girls and their moms and as a body image specialist, it’s my passion to help them! Thought you’d be interested– I was asked to answer the question “How do you explain real beauty to a girl?”

    Hope all is well on your end.

    Talk to you soon!
    Dr. Robyn

  2. We’re all set to go for All Things Girl Week and the site is down, dangit! Standby…Network Solutions is soooooooooooo fired. I’ve had it for good this time. Done. Done. Done.


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