1. May I post this on The Girl Revolution darling?

  2. Of course, m’dear…

  3. I am sick to death of people judging their own self-worth by the way they look. I praise people like Sarah Maria, author of “Love Your Body, Love Your Life” for trying to help people understand just how valuable you are as an individual- and even teaches a 5-step process to make this happen. Thanks for the post, really informative.

  4. Thanks, Becky…I agree the self-berating is really hitting a toxic tipping point when kids are being unduly harmed.

    I started noticing it working on a film we have in dev. called “Body Blitz: Media, Shaping Youth” holding a camera up to the K-5 playgrounds to show the trickled down reverb and impact on kids.

    Now I’m almost afraid to continue the funding for it, because it’s gotten so over the top I don’t want to shine the spotlight any further until those stats start being solution-based and dissolving into a productive downward plunge where kids get their self worth internal over external.

    I’ll check out the book you mentioned, as I haven’t read that one…but it seems no matter how many books/boosts/bigwigs and workshops drill into us all how vibrant we are as human beings, the default button seems to push back into the mass media reach and saturation which is soooooooooo hard to ignore.

    The media stream of what we ‘value’ as a culture is bordering on mind-pollution when ratings support damaging drek/mean-spirited humiliation and appearance-based body snarking…

    I dunno…It’s a freakin’ tough call…I keep thinking awareness will create a backlash and reward self-merit over vapid values…but I guess I won’t hold my breath just yet.

    I DO think there’s a culture-shift coming & positive signs that a backlash is brewing in favor of more meaningful focal points; I just wish it were much faster.

    Meanwhile, we’ll all keep chiseling away at the beast of a beauty myth, eh? Happy reading…enjoy the holiday weekend, I’m gonna go source the book now! 🙂

  5. I have to add that on FB when I posted this, many media literacy pros have advocated to keep on rattling cages and NOT to hush up (inc. Frank Baker, who I respect mucho!) because it’s imperative to ‘right the wrong’ awareness comes first. Thoughts?

    Found this quote appropo:

    “Silence does not always mark wisdom. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge”

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