Point-Counterpoint GoldieBlox

Welcome to our new Point-Counterpoint series. See a topic being debated on the interwebs that needs a point/counterpoint view involving media and marketing's impact on kids?This is an uneven example, … [Read more...]

“Where My Dogs At:” A Misogynistic Misfire Doing Damage in a Blink

Mar. 28, 2015 Almost a decade after I wrote this post, the media messages defiling young girls and particularly young black girls under the 'satire' banner continues, despite sheroes and massive … [Read more...]

Mommy, why are her legs spread like that?

Imagine driving down the freeway carpooling kids to school, la-dee-da, and whammo! Traffic jam. Um...and...why? Some Clio-chasing, PR-hyped, advertising opportunist has decided that legs akimbo and … [Read more...]