Blue Screen of Death: Computer Crash

bsod.gifStandby as Shaping Youth posts from a borrowed laptop to say we’ll be back as soon as a ‘system board’ is ordered and repairs take place.

May be down a day or two and resume our series thereafter…

Update: Thurs. 2/28: Shaping Youth Will Resume Posting on Monday. See comment #7 in this post…Please standby and thank you for your patience and hundreds of e-mails of support. 



  1. Amy,

    Sorry to hear about your computer bug. Isn’t it just sad how dependent we are on them? Hope your computer gets well soon!

  2. Thanks…yeah, I’m on a loaner, and it’s not pretty. Amazing to see my utter helplessness as I cobble together backups and hard-drives on systmes with less memory and just resign myself to ‘comment mode only’ for a few days rather than mess with recreating the work in progress…sigh.

    Trying to look on the bright side and give myself some time to visit other blogs and leave comments there…but I’m DEFINITELY aware of my dependence (and dare I say, addiction?) to connectivity. Think I’ll go read ‘Mom Unplugged’ for awhile to see how to leverage this for the best…;-)

    Pretty bad when our youth team (and my nephews!) are saying, “see? Without Skype for a few days this is the world’s way of saying to take a break…take a walk in the rain…it’ll be there tomorrow so to speak”

    Um, yeah…but when I peek at my webmail inbox and the overload backlog I’ll come back to, it makes me want to bury my head under the covers and hit ‘delete’ altogether…eek.

  3. dementia is to the real world as
    demicrsoftia is to computers

  4. Shaping Youth says

    You’re too funny, Bill…one of many who’ve given me the ‘get a real computer and switch to Apple’ advice. sigh. Alas, with three systems on PC and none of them fully functional right now, it’s tempting, but the investment to ‘start all over’ is daunting for a wee nonprofit like me…

  5. Shaping Youth says

    Ugh. Still delayed. They’re dissecting it to death in the shop to resurrect the hard drive. This is painful. eesh.

  6. Amy,
    Hi… Read your comment in Ypulse re: tween girl secrets. Please email me and we can exchange contact information and start talking!

  7. Excellent. Done.

    Now: good news here is that my computer network’s ramped and revved to resume posting.

    Bad news is the deluge of being out of commission a few days has flooded me with daunting backlog so I’ve chosen to stay on standby and sift through these e-mails to triage timing and relevant posts to pick up where we left off…

    Standby…I’ll be back by Monday if not before then!!!

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