Building Freedom: Celebrating Independence With Kids

flag-childJuly 4, 2015 Update: Adding this “Made in the USA” label lingo literacy from Consumer Reports to remind us all of our increasingly interdependent global culture and fascinating glimpse of whether the flag-waving zeal and patriotic pride merits a “made elsewhere” second glance. Here’s to a peaceful celebration of independence, and thankfulness for the freedoms we all too often take for granted. 

Original Post, 5-yr flashback: Amidst the fireworks, flag-waving and requisite BBQs, fun relay games and Fourth of July activities for kids, it would serve us all well to remember what we’re celebrating on “America’s Berfday,”as one toddler gleefully exclaimed to me with his drippy ice-cream belly spilling into his swim trunks.

His response was age-perfect and sweet as can be, but I must say, every year when I run the field day games at our annual neighborhood karaoke and kidfest I get taken aback by some of the older kids’ responses to ‘trivia quiz’ answers…even when I purposely seed some “basic gimmes” about our Declaration of Independence and what’s going on in the world.

Today in my ‘living lab’ of lawn games and field fun, I’ll see if LeapFrog means more than a digital toy, and if the quest for democracy  or in the middle east translates to the precious concept of freedom and Independence Day among youth in the US. Should be interesting!


Meanwhile, here are some fun Independence Day fun finds, including the award-winning webcomic by Lora Innes, at The nominated for Outstanding Newcomer Comic for 2008 by WCCCA, and just last week nominated for TWO comics industry 2009 prestigious awards: (See The Harvey Awards)

Off to run some of my field day party games, activities, puzzles, and “what’s old is new again” favorites for our island fun fest (trying a couple of new relays for the teen scene)

Remember, media munchkins can also learn lessons through comics, art, and new media G-Force games to “get kids active” relating to heroes, independence, and planetary eco-warriors too…

Let’s just not forget the real meaning of independence and how lucky we are to have it.

Happy 4th of July, America!

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Out-takes from yours truly: “From this kids’ 4th of July book list to Common Sense Media’s movie picks, to BlogHer Maria Niles’music links, and the turnkey quizzes at EduPlace (grades 1-8) I always find myself in the role of sifting and sorting ‘old and new’ media to compile some relevant offerings of family fun. Guess I’m hitting the ‘information overload’ media wall I wrote about here.”

…”Toss in some factoids, a few arcane trivia stumpers and relevant history into the day, because somehow we need to remind children 4th of July is not just about blowing things up (much less winning prizes for the biggest bubble).” etc. etc.

Other Fun Finds: Please Add Your Own!

Cool Webcomic by Lora Innes: The Dreamer

“Liberty Kids” Animation On YouTube (trailer here)


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