Care 2 Make a Difference? Show Kids How, Year-Round

c2_logo.gifAll too often kids feel powerless to have their voice heard and their actions counted. We wrote about how World Wildlife Fund brought kids into the dialogue to post their own ideas and actions in time for Earth Day. Well, Earth Day ended yesterday, and I wonder if that momentum will too. In a retail world where Valentine’s cards are hauled out before Christmas tinsel is stashed, will kids move on to the next “celebration” or retain the messaging?

Care 2 Connect is a great mush of social networking and cause-marketing media, and they’ve tapped fun firm Free Range Studios to ensure the One World Planet message is a year-round endeavor, in a quick one-minute kid-friendly video.

One World Planet is playful not grim and easy for even wee ones to understand…

“What if we all had 5 sets of hands with 5 mouths and 5 hearts with 5 hearts desires? In North America we DO live this way. If everyone lived like us we’d need 5 earths to handle all our garbage and pollution.”

Rather than go with the guilt trip route, they integrate an open pledge action step that’s ONGOING to reinforce that Earth Day may be over, but sustainability is a year-round concept. Now here’s where it gets really interesting…

Pop over to YouTube and read the comments section where this mild little video gets pummeled as much as praised with snarky sarcasm and labels ranging from hippy dippy, liberal, communist ideology to mean-spirited nastiness cheekily suggesting all cute animals and furry seal pups be ground up as eco-fuel to ‘save the planet’…Harsh.

When cynicism supplants civility in the global dialogue it makes whoever’s voice is louder, stronger, and more outrageous command attention.

Will the propensity for shock jocks and reality show peer humiliation become ‘normative? Has it already done so? Are media and marketing contributing to this trend of slam-n-snipe belittling? It’s a conversation that needs opened…


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