Media Musts To Wrap Up “All Things Girl” Week (Part One)

To whittle down to a handful of ‘media musts’ for our grand finale of ‘All Things Girl’ week has been hard, so I’m going to try to shine the spotlight on some lesser … [Read more...]

Amy Jussel On Kids’ Media Management and Childhood Matters

Why ‘Amy Jussel’ instead of ‘Shaping Youth’ in the headline today? Because this time it’s personal…That’s mama code for ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say’ on the media management front from my own … [Read more...]

MediaSnackers Podcast On Shaping Youth

Digital media shrinks the world in a nanosecond. Shaping Youth is doing a podcast with MediaSnackers from the U.K. Monday, and just today they sent me their debut vodcast of media morsels that fit … [Read more...]