Digital Media: Light Scoop Invention from Prof. Ken Kobre

light-scoop.jpgEver so slight departure from exclusively kids’ media (this appeals to ALL snap happy photo buffs):

Photojournalist/author and SFSU professor Ken Kobre, partner of my dear friend and fellow writer pal, Betsy Brill of Hand Up Congo, has hit the big time with his invention of the light scoop to take out the ‘white flash’ factor in digital camera trial-n-error.

NYTimes’ David Pogue featured this video of his favorite ‘gadgets’ for the season yesterday, and Ken’s is one of ‘em! Pogue created a clever jingle and demo to express his “gadget Claus” techno selections that visually sums the benefits, much like he accomplished to demo the rugged features of the splash proof “One Laptop Per Child” computer we covered here.

I’m thrilled to see them get this NYTimes exposure, not just because I adore Betsy & Ken and all of the good work they’ve done with microfinancing in hinterlands throughout the globe, (like their sewing machine project in remote villages of Africa, 10 min. video here) or their recent press on View From the Bay, but because everyone can now use this light diffuser gizmo to archive and preserve their personal digital history without looking like Casper the ghost or worse! Sweet.

I’ll admit, these two human beings are the idyllic, philanthropic god/goddess couple to me, with their ‘purple house New Year’s fests’ in their funky Nob Hill environs, and their country (rentable) Villa in Provence that may spark wistful fantasies of Euro sojourns, but from a media/marketing standpoint, their snazzy little light bouncer does the trick for under thirty bucks, and that’s admirable in itself.

Alas, these do-gooders also have razor-sharp wit and hearts of gold with a reality check on meaningfulness that inspires…they’ll no doubt pour any profits back into visual documentation of the human condition, sharing their resources and knowledge with others, much like Ken did with his photojournalism book which has been heralded as the “Elements of Style” how-to book for professional photographers.

Once upon a time, Betsy and I served together on the Board of Directors for Women in Communications S.F., when I ran the Freelance Forum out of KGO and Betsy served as El Presidente.

Ever since, our lives keep crossing with faces from yesteryear, as kindred souls merge and part to unearth new, challenging horizons.

Betsy & Ken, may this media moment bring you cashflow, sales, and satisfaction to embark upon yet another journey on your quest toward global goodness.

You inspire, hearten and make us all know that it’s possible to use innovation for education to ‘build a better mousetrap’…

Forge forward, dynamic duo…the world awaits you!

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