Hey Peeps! You Think YOU’RE Under Pressure?!

peepMarch 30, 2013 Update: Looks like Peeps are quite a social media hit, with a gazillion gooey science projects and media-maker style fun. The video hits just keep on coming…

April 12, 2009 So I always wondered what people really DID with those cute and oh, so beloved  ‘Peeps’… Especially since actually EATING those uber-sweet-sugary-confections make-my-teeth-hurt just lookin’ at ’em (gimme a chocolate bunny any ol’ day). I’d say ‘700 million people can’t be wrong’ but…well…scratch that.

There are some peeps picks that I love…For starters, did you know there’s actually a “Peep Research.org” site? Hot and cold reactions, solubility testing…the works!

Bob Congdon’s blog gives everyone the scoop on how to make Peeps at home. And as far as I’m concerned, Steve Spanger’s Science knows EXACTLY what do with ’em…An eye-opening ‘show-n-tell’ (fun video after the jump) where he hooks up a hose for a little air displacement, does a vacu-forming pressure test and whoa–Pop go the Peeps!

The mini-marshmallows are a cool deflation demo at the end of the clip, too. Hmn…Wonder if those Peeps get stretch marks? Calling all Coke-n-Mentos media fans…Check out the Peeps, kids.  They rock.

Steve Spangler Science assures ‘no Peeps were harmed in the making of this film.’ 😉

Want more on Peeps (R)?

peep-showThere are annual homages to the lil’ guys…From the official Washington Post Peeps diorama contest (3rd year running; more than 800 entries, top 37 in this ‘2008 peep show’ here.)

…to (ahem) ‘pole dancing Peeps’ satirized in hipster diorama Flickr mode via CityPages/Hot Dish in Minneapolis (302 ‘approved submissions’ per Jessica Chapman’s article; even talk of a preggers peep in Juno pop culture style in keeping with the abundance of baby bumps out there) It all makes me ponder how I can get ahold of some of these creative folks with time on their hands. I mean…

We could use some interns and help, ya know?

If you’ve ever wondered “How Peeps ever became associated with Easter” check out Slate from awhile back too…Clearly, the multiple media odes to these critter confections show they own a place in pop culture media and marketing in and of themselves.

Happy Easter!

Visual Credits: Bob Congden’s blog for the Peeps (R) shot, Steve Spangler Science for video


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