How Can Such An Avid Blogger Miss Blog Day? Oops!

Aw, crud, it’s ‘Blog Day’ and I might have missed it!

Like a Hallmark Holiday that shanghais the buyer into feeling like they’ve missed an occasion of importance, (Heads up! Grandparents’ Day is Sept. 7th this year folks; supposedly always the first Sunday after Labor Day unbeknownst to all but the marketing machine perpetuating it!) I’m sheepishly hanging my head and drumming my fingers thinking I have an hour left to post something original and get in on the fun…

Always a sucker for a deadline, I’m both challenged and bemused at the mere concept of trying to find “5 different types of blogs” to expand my cultural consciousness and open my point of view and attitude in a sea of Google Reader bookmarks that has me gasping for air regularly in ‘tmi’ mode.

Based on Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Joe Hungler’s ever-so-thorough post and Britt Bravo’s Have Fun, Do Good food finds and photo picks, I’ll bite….And ATTEMPT to toss out five blogs real fast before the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella turns into, oh, idk,Robert Scoble or something. Ok, here goes:

Cross-culturally, (exempting all my pals, because this is supposed to be points of view we’ve ‘stumbled upon’ in the blogosphere) it’s a tie between Pamela Poole’s ‘Frog Blog’ on Francophilia, and Manish Vij’ UltraBrown

For foodies, I’ll go with former neighbor Pam Hyland’s ‘Zoomie Station’ for a surprise kamaaina echo from the past to surprise the sox off of her (!) and for ‘enjoyable blogs I bookmarked out of nowhere’ I’ll choose Caroline Middlebrook, who seems to be a soulmate of sorts since she missed her own blog anniversary (rock on, Carol, I’ve missed mine twice now, I think!)

For colleagues and co-authors from our Age of Conversation book that I’d like to get to know better, I choose Ryan Barrett of Cheap Thrills…

For like-minded souls that I adore for boldness in work and in spirit, I applaud Sandra Foyt’s On Living By Learning, and finally, for my ‘slice of life’ from multi-generations of fascinating women who have their pulse and heartbeat attuned to what matters in their own worlds, I pick two very distinct and diverse voices: Dorothy at Grammology and Izzy Mom.

Woohoo! I did it, with fifteen minutes to spare! Yay!

Rock on, blogosphere…here’s to Blog Day, change bloggers, virtual intimacy, and friends that surface out of nowhere to impact us for life. (Five People You Meet in Heaven as Mitch Albom would say!)

Appreciate those around you! –AJ

p.s. On the ‘got it and I’m ready’ front, Andre Blackman’s Pulse and Signal health blog is gearing up for Oct. 15th Blog Action Day (same day as our MacArthur Foundation DML deadline, yikes!) so don’t let it slip by! 😉 We’re on it!



  1. Hi Amy, you’re ahead of me since I was not aware of Blog Day. Thanks for pointing out some excellent sites. I do plan to participate in Blog Action Day along with you and so many others.

  2. Well, I’m going to post on the Changeblogger meme soon, which is more appropro for me I suppose, though this one was fun, as I realize I ‘surf multiple points of view’ a lot to give my ‘brain a workout’ as you MITA folks say! 😉

  3. Looking forward to reading what you put down for the Changeblogger meme Amy! I will be writing mine today!

    Thanks again for the love 🙂

  4. Hello! I am excited to have finally made it over here for a visit. It’s been on my to-do list, and I wish I would have come over earlier. You provide so many great news/tidbits, research and updates! I first saw you listed on the Changebloggers wiki, and then Andre mentioned you again to me this morning. Look forward to following, as I put your RSS in my feed right now! =)

  5. Oh, yeah. I totally missed this one. At least, I’m ahead of schedule gearing up for Blog Action Day. I’m encouraging all the Digital Natives in my life to blog about poverty!

    Thank you!!!

  6. ‘k, I’m beginning not to feel so bad, we’re lookin’ at some huge bloggin’ biggies that blew it off, so yeah, I think I’ll set my sights on the ‘action’ version the 15th. (Same day as my grant app is due…should be easy to remember, but hard to have time to post!) 😉

  7. Hi Amy!

    Thanks for the mention in your “cross-cultural” category. I have a lot of fun writing about the differences between French and American cultures. I also missed Blog Day (never heard of it, actually!) but am set to publish on poverty for Blog Action Day on both frogblog and Web Worker Daily, a tech blog I contribute to. Good to know you and your readers will be participating too!

    Thanks again and see you around!

  8. Pamela, I’ll watch for both! Yes, I’m prepping my post for Blog Action Day myself…I’m sure there will posts on poverty ranging from personal poverty from the financial downturn to global poverty on food/water/war/access issues and conflict…Should be quite an interesting day to hear what the world has on its mind! Thanks for taking the time to comment. (Or perhaps I should say, ‘merci beaucoup?’ 😉 Best, Amy

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