Live Demo Saturday! Using The Age of Conversation for Social Good

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Child advocates? Champions of change? Rev your social media engines.

This Saturday, you can be a part of it all and see ‘how it’s done’ firsthand, as Age of Conversation co-authors (which I’ve written about here, here, and here) use social media tools to drive traffic to our link on Amazon converting eyeballs to book sales in a Lifeline for Variety, the Children’s Charity.

I’m spotlighting Saturday’s “social media rush” and our 103 Age of Conversation co-authors in my workshop at the CCFC summit 4/4 to bridge the perception gap of media and marketing often being cast in a “Darth Vader” dark side role of ‘the problem’ when we can just as easily wield the powerful sabers for ‘the bright side’ as a ‘solution’ and ditch the polarity to join forces in collaborative win-win!

Last round we made $11,000 in two months for the charity, and many have asked, ‘How?’ from our (WLW) Women Leaders for the World family to our Tapestries of Hope partners. It’s show and tell time! Now YOU can help us help others, be involved in real time with a click and ‘see how it’s done’ via live-demo to use the skill sets for YOUR own orgs. Here’s how…

rush2.jpgFirst, go to Chris’ site now to watch the drama begin to unfold and get a benchmark for viewing the growth. (already the blog links and ‘pingbacks’ are mounting)

Then, use the “bookmark” tools he’s put there.

Just click the buttons to Digg, Stumble Upon, etc. or if you have your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, and such, do a shout out e-blast to tell your friends to ping, trackback, and link to his post to bring search engine visibility to the cause.

Then…This Saturday 3/29, (this part’s a must to follow) tell all your friends to go directly to the book’s Amazon link and buy a copy.

One copy. One by one. And see if we can vault it up the charts on Amazon in a social media push for the charity. Cool, huh?

Here’s more about how to make it all happen…how to join us in the cause and later, more about our 2008 sequel, AOC2 which bumps from 103 bloggers to 275 worldwide participants from every country throughout the globe!

More on all that later…for now, I’ll share the quote that Chris posted here with his final 3 tips to make this event a social media success:

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
—Ryunosuke Satoro

rush.jpgIn fact, I don’t think he’d mind if I reprint his visuals and step by step primer to make sure the ‘one community, one goal, one conversation’ movement launches with full clarity.

Here are his tips and words of wisdom for maximum ‘umpff’…

Digg and Stumble on Friday Starting at 12 Noon

“We need everyone to Digg and Stumble the post launching the bum rush, starting at 12 Noon CST.

This is a little bit of a change of plans, because I wasn’t going put up a post launching the event until Saturday at midnight. I have since learned some enlightening facts about the hierarchy of social sharing sites that will hopefully help us gain some mass exposure before Saturday. (Thanks to Jon Phillips of Freelance Folder.)
Buy 1 Book at a Time on Saturday

Starting on Saturday, the fun begins. Buy many copies of the book (1 at a time for maximum impact) and tell your friends to do the same. Please use this link so that we can pick up the referral fee as well. (Remember that all the proceeds and referral fees earned will be donated to Variety, The Children’s Charity.)

Spread the Rush Starting Now

No matter who you are or what your specialty is, this is something that you can do.

Do all you can to spread the word about the rush. Post to your blog, Twitter, ooVoo. Talk where ever and using whatever you want to communicate. Talk about the event, the book, your favorite author, or anything about The Age of Conversation.

You will be surprised how quickly the chatter will spread. Just this week I’ve been talking up the bum rush on Twitter (more than normal at least), and the traffic flowing to the post about the event, and clicks outgoing to the books’ listing on Amazon have jumped a good margin.”

Shaping Youth is proud to be a part of the ‘bright side’ of using the power of media for positive change (our tagline of course) to wield the light saber with wisdom and show other Yodas ‘how.’

I’m learning from my co-authors at the Age of Conversation daily in this digital rapidfire arena…And look forward to our 2008 global impact to pay it forward triple-fold!



  1. Hi There

    It’s Adam Sibley from Talented Young People. We love your blog and were wondering if you would be interested in carrying a link to our blog for young people with ours having a link back to yours.

    Let me know if this would interest you.

  2. Hey Adam, done deal, I like your site too! I put you in the sidebar under ‘Youth Bloggers’ —we’ll eventually overhaul the site and break out the links more accurately, via drop-down menus, but we’ve had several setbacks with the redesign logistics. Now I have a question for YOU…

    We’re seeking some interns in the following areas, might you (or your pals) be interested in any of one of these areas?

    1.) Stringers/correspondents (youth eyes/ears/reporting on positive picks/damaging drek in the media/marketing arena)

    2.) Creating UGC (youth media) to add to our documentary promo, Body Blitz: Media, Shaping Youth (we’re filming on K-5 playgrounds, but you could take a diff. angle in your own environs0

    3.) Mobilizing eco-teams…peer planet posse
    4.) Gaming gurus & virtual visionaries (exploring in-world, social media reporters)
    5.) Undercover CIA (Cyber Info Advocates) to research ‘early adaptors’ of new technology, cell/mobile use among youth, positive social change agents, checking/testing new sites from a youth POV for fun factor. (maybe even check for loopholes/safety issues for younger kids; age verification (or lack thereof) etc.)

    That kind of thing…Let me know where your interest are…

    p.s. What do you think of
    for example??? (since you seem to like sports)

  3. Amy,

    Thank you for helping promote this event. I’ve posted the launch post that will carry over into Saturday.

    We need everyone to help us in Digging this post –

    Help spread the word!

  4. A few outcomes:

    Per Chris Wilson’s latest post, “What A Rush!!!”
    He sums,

    “Our combined efforts created a wave of conversation, blowing up on blogs, Twitter and other social media outlets, ultimately propelling the book from being ranked at 102,282 all the way to #36 on the Business Bestsellers list and #262 overall.

    And also, Joe’s compare/contrast w/his own book when he used this tactic:

    Jaffe Juice:

    “Age of Conversation bumrushes the charts – ends at #262 overall and #36 in business & investing. I thought (hoped) they’d end up higher – with over 100 participants and their respective communities driving this, but think ultimately the high price point ($29.95) got in the way (even with the charity angle). Irrespective, this is an incredible achievement for 100% citizen driven thought leadership.”

    As an fyi – Join the Conversation (Jaffe’s own book) reached #26 overall and #2 in Business when he used the same social media tactic…

    So I have a question…Is that because people are beginning to ‘catch on’ to the tactics and view them as spam? What are regular readers (using Digg) etc. thinking about social media being ‘gamed’ for SEO? (search engine optimization) even for a good cause?

    This is similar to my question when I wrote about the big push for Beth Kanter’s $50,000 America’s Giving Challenge to push her over the top and ace the lead…It made me wonder how ‘replicable’ it would be as a model overall if every nonprofit started ’cause-marketing’ in similar sophistication levels…

    My guess is Beth’s charisma, relationships, nonprofit street cred and ‘A list’ pals in the digerati scene, that know how to use the power of media in incredibly savvy ways helped the boost-n-blast significantly! 😉

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