Math, Media & Pi Day Converge as Kids Honor 3.14

pi-land.gif Pi Day 3.14.18…

Stephen Hawking, Einstein, and a salute to science! 

In an era when science is being dissed with a government administration turning a blind eye to climate change and the reality of important scientific data impacting our universe, I’ve found myself ‘wishing’ I were in a ‘parallel universe’ sometimes…Here’s more on today’s Pi Day 2018 significance as we salute science and brilliant minds universally refusing to ‘dumb down’ our nation into RealityTV sensationalism and blather…and educational background, history, and activities to engage on Pi Day below!

Pi Day 3.14.16 update: Just when I thought last year’s number sequence was the big historic once a century focus, ABC news shares this year is equally noteworthy as ’rounded pi’ of 3.1416 when rounded to the ten thousandth. “Go figure.” And just for fun, what does the movie “Mean Girls” have to do with Pi? Here’s the USA Today roundup of five films in celebration of Pi Day…

Original Post: Happy Pi Day! 3.14.15…Love how Neil De Grasse Tyson simplified Pi’s once a century numeric sequence occurrence in this special tweet today! “Enough Pi for everyone” proceeding to fill up as much of the 140 character count as could fit in the platform…Check it out in the Pi Day Twitter stream along with more fresh ways to celebrate in mathematical media mode…There’s even a literary twist with poetic Pi-Ku!

Original Post: Pi Day Limerick Near St. Patrick’s Day!

“Now there is an ancient Greek letter, And I think no other is better. It isn’t too tall, It might look very small, But its digits, they go on forever.” This Pi Day limerick was brought to you by “Scott,” a young student celebrating 3.14 today in honor of the mathematical pi.

Founded as an international “geek” holiday declared twenty years ago by physicist Larry Shaw at our own S.F. Exploratorium, Pi Day is now a fun fest of activities, programs, parades and puns to uphold the history and value of pi as a constant in the equation of life.

My daughter has brought an apple pie to her middle school the last couple of years, so I’m wondering what all they’re going to be doing with it, as the web is brimming with juicy activities that are ‘sweet.’ (hey, I warned you there would be word play)

From Second Life’s virtual world celebration to wiki reports that MIT sends out their acceptance letters to students on Pi Day, it’s nice to see math get some media coverage besides here, here, and here in Shaping Youth’s interview with ‘mathlete’ Danica McKellar, of “Math Doesn’t Suck.”

My Pi Day favorites? For younger kids: downloadable pizza pi posters and creating Pi-Ku for haiku poets, for older kids, Google engineer Eve Andersson’s Pi Land (visual credit too) which shows the digits via computer calculations to many millions of decimal places. (sure to get an ‘awesome’ response)

I also love Teach Pi’s math media doing a music rap take off on Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself (in the digits)’ to create a hip-hop math mix in YouTube style! For the best round-up of Pi Day links all in one spot, (including content blurbs for what’s on each site) SurfNetKids has plenty more. Give us the 411 on the 3.14 celebrations in your region for Pi Day…kids? profs? teens?


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