Kids Plant Virtual Trees to Benefit REAL Trees in Dizzywood!

nature-in-the-city.pngI’m heading to the city for Earth Day which may seem like an outdoor oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be…just check out Nature In The for great kids ideas. I met these folks this past weekend at the Coyote Point Environmental Museum Earth fest packed with cool ideas for kids which I’ll blog about later today when I’m not zooming.

I’m doing a site visit for our S.F. theater screening of Two Angry Moms hosted by Shaping Youth May 14th, connecting the dots between ‘trashing the planet and trashing our health.’

Ever notice how beach clean-ups and eco-events have an over abundance of findings of trash that’s junk food related, like foil-pouch packets, Styrofoam fast food containers, candy wrappers, soda cans, beer bottles and crud? It’s no mistake…the junk food for the mind and body extends to the planet as well…same folks. (My daughter and I have an ongoing ‘challenge’ to find trash NOT related to same, believe me, it’s hard!)

More on exciting green happenings like Dizzywood’s Earth Day/Arbor Day event where kids can plant a tree inside their virtual world, and a REAL TREE will be planted to help offset carbon emissions and global warming via the Arbor Day Foundation!!

Full feature this afternoon post-meeting with the founders of green digital party planning (great kids’ birthday philanthropy message) at EchoAge who are in town…

green-zebra-1.jpgThird meeting today is with our new aligned fundraiser org, The Green savings for sustainable living) teaming with us on our upcoming film screenings to help kids get healthier food in schools…

Our lead partner is California Pacific Medical Center’s healthy kids division (great article here) so we’re absolutely thrilled!

Busy, busy this Earth Day…

Can’t wait to share some positive green media to ‘seed’ eco-consciousness with kids early on…

Meanwhile, enjoy some of our earlier posts about nature and kids, get outside, enjoy the planet, and I’ll be back atcha later today!

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Visual Credits: Nature in the, Green



    • Update release on Privo/site safety award:

    Since I don’t know much about Privo’s safety scene, I’m going to vett this through internet safety queen Izzy Neis and see where Privo stands in the mix of media moderation dialogue…Amy J.

    Dizzywood Earns PRIVO Online Kids’ Safety Seal of Approval

    Privo’s rigorous review finds Dizzywood to be one of the safest environments for children online.

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — April 25, 2008 —Dizzywood, a virtual world and online game for children ages 8-12, today announced that it has earned the PRIVO Seal of Approval for providing one of the most safe and secure environments for children online.

    In addition to its sophisticated filtering system and presence of live moderators who monitor all actions and communications in the world, Dizzywood strictly complies with the high standards of regulations contained in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). Dizzywood has also taken additional safety measures to implement the privacy requirements of Privo’s Privacy Assurance Program.

    “Dizzywood has demonstrated their commitment to safeguarding the privacy of kids,” said Denise Tayloe, CEO of Privo. “We appreciate the steps they have taken to earn our Seal of Approval and believe they have set a strong example for others who cater to children under 13 to follow.”

    To earn the coveted PRIVO seal, Dizzywood’s privacy practices underwent a rigorous review process to ensure they met Privo’s requirements, including a full audit of Dizzywood’s safe and secure chat feature.

    “Safety has always come first and foremost in Dizzywood,” said co-founder Sean Uberoi Kelly. “We have implemented a substantial number of technical safeguards for the web site. We have combined this with live real-time moderation by trained professionals to provide a safe and fun environment for kids.”

    Dizzywood was launched in November, 2007. The imaginative, story-driven world offers kids a safe environment where they can engage in challenging activities that develop self-confidence, as well as cooperate with others and find a sense of belonging.

    Dizzywood is free to use. Subscriptions will be available to access premium content in the future.

    About Privo
    Privo is the first and only infomediary service to be recognized by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”). Website operators are deemed in compliance if the operator complies with Commission approved self-regulatory guidelines. The posting of the Privo Privacy Assurance Program Seal signals to consumers, partners, advertisers, as well as government, that your site meets the COPPA guidelines. Privo extends to multiple industries that market family-oriented products and services and to general audience websites that attract kids. It is a costly challenge for individual companies to responsibly and legally initiate and sustain online interactive communication with kids. Privo enables these companies to create lifetime customer relationships through branded permission-management systems consistent with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The Privo system is a secure, third-party Kid registration and Parental consent service for companies who attract kids to their websites.

  1. Another great game site is Elf Island and their motto of play games, go good.

  2. Hey, Brad…yep. Thanks for this, glad it’s coming to your attention…Zookazoo as well. We’re actually teaming with E.I. on a big project very soon…so refreshing to see so many FABULOUS uses of new media. Also, check out “” a new FB app…it’s awesome.

    More soon…I’ll be featuring Elf Island this coming week! 🙂

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