NCLI Act: Nature Crusaders Earn Environmental Education A Win!

Woohoo! We did it! Cue the wolf howl, folks!

Eco-literacy just won Congressional approval as the NCLI Act passed with bipartisan support for environmental education in classrooms by a vote of 293 to 109 yesterday!

We’re ‘not out of the woods’ yet, but at least we’ll still have woods to consider if we combat ‘nature deficit disorder’ and teach kids early on to be stewards of the planet! Gosh, first the wolves win protection in Yellowstone, and now this? Eco educators among us should be howling wildly!

Want to know what the NCLI Act will do? Want to see how your rep voted? Here’s the live C-Span video from the house floor by the Student Action Network, and the official tally of how folks voted so you can send a kiss or a hiss to your state representative!

Sometimes it takes green grassroots to yield stepping stones for our kids’ future, so congrats to all 745 member orgs so far in our NCLI coalition for making the world a better place for kids! (Come join us!)

Shaping Youth is also one of the 23 organizations advocating for FCC transparency in broadcast product placement to ensure kids’ mindshare isn’t mined in subtle, sneaky corporate predator mode under parental radar. So join us in that quest, too!

In addition to joining NCLI for environmental education, and raising awareness on sites like Eco Child’s Play from the Green Options media network of over two dozen blogs, I’d also say kids would enjoy visiting the proactive Defenders of Wildlife a fabulous nonprofit site for all things wild, from wolves to polar bears.

Kids can access wildlife fact sheets (great for those school reports) and hear wildlife sounds/videos galore…plus there are tons of action and advocacy steps, awareness raising, and multiple victories to their credit that leave children feeling empowered and capable of making change in this world!

For those is search of wildlife/wolf tchotchkes there’s a bounty of ’em at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve where kids will get a kick out of their ‘Wolf Web Cam’ of the den, and can participate in wolf awareness week 10-25. (Visual credit for this post is attributed to

Congrats for yesterday’s Sept. 18, 2008 NCLI Act Congressional victory for eco-literacy and environmental education for kids…

Here are more Shaping Youth articles that pertain and recent press re: the NCLI Act for Environmental Education in Classrooms (or rather, ways to get kids OUT of the classroom and INTO the outdoors!)

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Spread the word about NCLI Coalition on YouTube with this video, Get ‘Em Outside!!



  1. Congrats to US ALL for a victory born of grassroots green teams working for the benefit of future generation greens. When we at first found out about the NCLI Act we sent word right away to Amy & crew at because we know they’re all about teamwork like we are at Of all the many & various websites we work with – Shaping Youth is one of the most active in terms of hits and links and ripples outward always beyond the mere intended crowd. I know both our websites and many others sent alerts out and fwded info to keep energy moving, so we’re especially happy to celebrate and let’s keep the gifts in motion. Please do also consider the impact of helping boost along the “2020 Vision – Planet in Every Classroom” as we link more good groups in series like solar (Soular?) powered people panels moving energy! Get your Earth image up soon at school, church, camp or business and let’s transform Spaceship Earth & her crew as we go green!
    Our motto has been “Create it Great in 2008! So now let’s get ready to “Let it Shine in 2009!”

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