NPR: Do1Thing and Sell For A Cause Marketplace on Facebook

do1thingMar. 11, 2009 Heads up on two youth-focused National Public Radio blurbs this week:

First is the NPR Weekend Edition clip, ‘What’s For Sale? Check Facebook all about our ‘Sell for a Cause’ launch at midnight tonight when Celebrities for a Cause kicks in on the Facebook Marketplace powered by Oodle…Want to help Shaping Youth make a difference in the world without opening your wallet? Shaping Youth is thrilled to be one of the nonprofits featured on their Marketplace homepage…

Our celebrity supporter is a name EVERY youth SHOULD know…but probably doesn’t. If you’re following me on Facebook, you know who I’m talking about, but for readers of Shaping Youth, here’s your hint for the day:

There’s a mouse in the house of media mavens everywhere…who is the individual behind it?

Youth may know names like Britney, Beyonce, Miley, and Paris…but we’re out to shift the focus to public personas with meaningful media impact on the daily lives of humanity…so Shaping Youth’s celebrity supporter is one who gave us the tools to raise the Collective IQ and harness technology for human betterment…Guesses? Find out tomorrow…

On Friday the 13th, it’s a lucky day for our friends at the Do1Thing project, a nationwide effort between artists & journalists that raises awareness of homeless teenagers…NPR will be airing a piece on homeless teens on the show 51% The Womens Perspective AND Do1Thing will ALSO be featured in a four-page PEOPLE magazine spread featuring photographers like Larry Price calling further attention to the issue. With 1.5 million youth homeless in America, if you can Do1Thing to hear and read about the cause, Friday is your day of action!

Great cause/celeb news all around…and the RIGHT kind for once…with agents of change at the helm! Bravo!



  1. Interesting P & G promo going on here that warrants attention on the family front: David Armano points out the ‘loads of hope’ cause marketing for Tide…which is surprisingly eco-friendly these days per the EPA stewardship award, etc. You can see more on the comment I left on his post here about same:

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