Parents Action seeks input for school violence summit

pac1With the Amish story remaining headline news, you may want to check in with your children about how their own schools are reacting to this topic, or what they’ve gleaned from the media messages.

I was surprised to hear my daughter’s middle school had already addressed ‘lock down procedures’ which made me wonder what all is being said to whom, throughout the country on school violence. If I hadn’t casually asked to ‘interview her’ for the blog, she never would’ve mentioned it. Hmn.

Parents Action for Children is seeking input from parents on this issue in preparation for a summit next week on school violence called by President Bush. If you’d like to weigh in, contact them at

If you’d like to open up a dialogue with your own kids, here are some tips from the National Mental Health Association about “Talking to Kids about Fear & Violence.”



  1. I’m sure you have found insight from the words, “Our deeds follow us and what we have been makes us what we are..”.

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