Shaping Youth launches in 2007

S.Y.Org logoHeads up. When media producers spotlight their own, a backlash has begun.

Junk food marketing. Consumerism. Body image. Vapid Values. Growing up too soon. Pick your own hot button and get ready to have some fun!

We’re igniting a firestorm from inside our industry, fueled by parents and peers ready to fight fire with fire. Web. Viral. Buzz. Text. Cell. Podcasts. Internet films. Blogs. Ezines. Gaming.

We’re teaming with powerhouse thinkers and technologists to flip harmful messages into positive ones, using the power of media and marketing turned on itself.

Subversive? Probably. Effective. You betcha!

Our counter-marketing uses the same techniques targeting kids to spin the messages in a favorable direction. We shift the momentum to a healthier track and dial down the damage that’s already out there.

While our site is under construction, this ‘beta blog’ will fill you in on some of our youth programs, podcasts, and projects in progress.

Be a part of shaping the dialogue NOW as we build this global conversation. Link, blog, vent, cheer, support our work, and be a part of a mass media mindshift.

Shaping Youth officially launches in 2007

Join us, to flip the media messages in a healthier direction!
Shaping Youth. The backlash has begun.

Shaping Youth is a consortium of media and marketing professionals concerned about harmful messages to children. We’ve aligned with parents, academics, corporations and organizations ready to shift the toxic values being marketed to youth. We’re nonprofit, with no political, religious, or censorship agenda…our only ‘cause’ is the emotional and physical well-being of children.


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