Shaping Youth’s Film Screenings of “Two Angry Moms!”

tam-jpeg-brownbag.jpgWith school winding down it may seem like an odd time to engage people interested in getting better food into schools, but Shaping Youth is big on ‘planting the seeds’ to nourish knowledge… especially since we’ll be rolling out the film, “Two Angry Moms” in the fall throughout the S.F. Bay Area!

We wrote all about Amy Kalafa & Susan Rubin’s documentary in detail here in this earlier post, (Rachael Ray video clip here) and are excited to announce that we’ve just added another “sneak preview” screening this Saturday in a private home in San Mateo (tickets here) Limited seating: you MUST get tix in advance!

We figured we’d use the sneak peek to establish some best practices and core questions leading up to our big event in San Francisco Wednesday, May 14th, 6:30-8:30pm (tickets here) at Delancey Street Screening Room 600, Embarcadero.

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is our lead sponsor; home to two fabulous nutrition programs, MOVE (pediatric weight management) and Health Champions (empowering people to change the way they live!) Aimee Marcich, MPH, CHES is one of CPMC’s many passionistas in the kids’ dietary realm, so get ready to fire questions to her in the Q&A that directly follows the film!

appetite-for-profit.jpgWe’ll also be joined by über food policy queen Michele Simon, JD, MPH, author of the must-read book Appetite for Profit (endorsed by Marion Nestle no less!) who will give us some tips on best practices for stirring up a recipe for change. As an added bonus, Michele Simon is also now director of policy for the alcohol industry watchdog group, Marin Institute, integral in curbing teen ‘alcopops’ and beer taxation via policy-drivers to protect children’s health; so bring your teen scene queries as well!

As for yours truly, I’ll be speaking about our counter-marketing tactics using Shaping Youth’s ‘reality show’ wellness program called “Dare to Compare: A Gross Out Game for Good Nutrition” which I’m determined to scale onto the internet for open source, universal access.

This is the “first in a series of many” Shaping Youth film screenings as a fundraiser to help us enable ‘train the trainer’ digital downloads for ANY of our counter-marketing games to youth group, parents, teams or even slumber parties for that matter!

Whether you’re in town or ‘virtual,’ join us to share picky eater questions, anti-junk food crusades, and ways you’re blending healthier choices into kids meals in your own environs and we’ll share them with the audience and report back!

childhood-matters.jpgFilmmaker Amy Kalafa will be on Nurse Rona Renner’s Childhood Matters radio show (98.1 KISS-FM) on Mother’s Day this Sunday, so you can call in with your questions from anywhere! 877-372-KIDS

Check out Rona’s archives and podcasts of prior shows, there’s a WEALTH of information there! (More on this show in a separate post very soon, as I have a few questions of my own I’d like to see covered!)

If you’d like to host a screening in your OWN city, the Two Angry Moms have easy ways for you to spread the word anywhere and everywhere YOU can serve up some change in your school lunch programs.

two-angry-moms.gifWe’re obviously excited that Shaping Youth is teaming with Two Angry Moms to give you the ingredients you need to make a difference in YOUR neighborhood by taking action, championing change, and inspiring green, organic, healthier alternatives.

For even more inspiration, check out the incredibly healthy offerings in the Berkeley school systems, with renegade chefs like Ann Cooper and community leadership of folks like Beth Loveridge in Washington state who literally saw the film and put words into action cutting through redtape with immediacy.

She reported that the movie prompted her to charge forward and get this state bill on local farms/healthy kids & communities passed pronto, so it CAN be done!

Talk about a ‘mom on the move,’ using the ‘see a movie, make a difference’ use of media at its most empowering…This is what we’re hoping for!

As Amy Kalafa said of Beth’s state level mandates flowing to local levels,

“This is both a top-down and bottom-up process, so we need individuals and organizations to be working on it from both ends.”

One week from today you’ll have your chance!

Join us at Shaping Youth’s big event in S.F. or check here for other listings of where the film may be showing in your state!

Join us at the private home of Lars & Janet Fuller Saturday night on the peninsula May 10, in the east bay, Berkeley, May 12th and in S.F. MAY 14, 6:30-8:30 at the gorgeous Delancey Street Foundation Screening Room 600 The Embarcadero!

cpmc_color_bm-1.jpgWe’d like to gratefully acknowledge our lead sponsor, California Pacific Medical Center (and Paula Lykins specifically!) as well as Bay Area Parent magazine’s Cindy Byrne, Rona Renner’s radio show Childhood Matters, along with our newest friends at The Green Zebra, local savings for sustainability.

We look forward to teaming with all of you in the fall along with many other regional organizations for a massive film blitz to empower change throughout the nation…Meanwhile, don’t just ‘get angry’…DO something to make a difference for kids!

bap-logo-360-141.gifStay tuned for our next article on “selling healthier food to kids using marketing tactics,” and teaching media literacy by going behind the scenes in an advertising/food photo shoot!

Media literacy educator Frank Baker has already posted great questions to ask kids and a full curriculum to deconstruct food marketing with a keen eye.

More on all this tomorrow!

Personal plea/film reminder:

Many of you have SAID you’re coming to the showings, but we REALLY need you to purchase tickets ONLINE HERE as we’re not staffed event night to handle walk-in money transactions. Thanks!

Shaping Youth’s Two Angry Moms Screenings “At A Glance”:

May 14, Wed. 6:30-8:30pm, San Francisco 600 The Embarcadero, Delancey Street Screening Room, $15 benefit, buy tickets here, NOW! (includes Q&A with guest panel of experts, 150 seat theatre)

May 10, Sat. 6:30-8:30pm, San Mateo 60 Hoods Point Way, San Mateo, $15 benefit, buy tickets here, NOW! (limited seats, private home screening room)

S.F. Event Hosted By: Shaping Youth with lead sponsorship by California Pacific Medical Center, Bay Area Parent magazine, Childhood Matters radio show, hosted by Rona Renner and Green Zebra, local savings for sustainability. (Books available at the event)

San Francisco Guest Panelists: Amy Jussel, Founder/Exec. Dir. of Shaping Youth, Center for Informed Food Choices’ Michele Simon, (author of Appetite for Profit; she also appears in the film) Dietary/nutrition expert Aimee Marcich, from California Pacific Medical Center.

San Mateo Event Hosted By: Shaping Youth with venue sponsorship by Sym-Pool, Inc.

San Mateo Q&A: Amy Jussel, Founder/Exec. Dir. of Shaping Youth

Special Mother’s Day Radio Show with Two Angry Moms’ Amy Kalafa!

Shaping Youth is proud to have Nurse Rona Renner, radio host of award-winning Childhood Matters as one of our board advisors, and media sponsors of our May 14th Two Angry Moms event.

radio_microphone_hg_wht.gifTo support our work and our 5-14 screening, she’s hosting a special Mother’s Day show with filmmaker Amy Kalafa, on the air from the east coast, live on 5-11! Get your call-in questions ready and join Rona from 9-10am PST on for “Moms Speak Out On Food and Love”


Details from Childhood below:

“One of the core ways mothers express their love is by nourishing their children with food. Many factors contribute to the food we feed our kids, from cultural traditions to rising food costs. This Mother’s Day, we explore the relationship between mothers, children, and food, and find inspiration in what mothers throughout the country are doing to ensure their children eat well every day, at school and at home.

Join Rona and guests, Amy Kalafa, producer of the documentary film Two Angry Moms, Karen Pertschuk, MPH, RD, mother and nutritionist, and Kelly Robinson, consultant for nutrition and healthy eating programs with Alameda County and the California Nutrition Network, for the discussion.”

Shaping Youth will cover this with more to come soon…Meanwhile, check out Rona’s post about it here, with bios and backgrounders of her special guests!

bap-sf.jpgDon’t miss Shaping Youth advisory board member and publisher of Bay Area Parent Cindy Byrne’s May issue with our half-page Two Angry Moms ad, news on their Summer Survival Guide (camps, etc.) and a great feature from former columnist, author-mama fave of many Anne Lamott…

No matter where you live, you’re just a keystroke away, so join us, even virtually! It’s a movie…it’s a movement…



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