Stars & Stripes Celebrations For America the Beautiful

July 3, 2010 With the TEDxOilspill recap of innovative solutions airing on pbs last night (complete with faux BPGlobalPR masked man Leroy Stick) Oil, and WorldWildlife Fund Free e-cards reminding that almost a quarter of the world’s mammals face extinction within 30 years, Independence Day is taking on a bit of an oily sheen to me.

Seems “patriotic duty” is veering toward using media’s might to turn red, white and blue celebrations “green” with awareness, education, and “independence” from oil, in a nonpartisan, nonprofit call to action for the future of the planet’s beings…

So while NBC blitzes Broadway with Bieber and the Macys parade fireworks fandango, I’m going to spark some red white and blue ideas for greener living which I think our founding fathers would give a nod toward, to enhance sustainability and protecting our seas.

There are tons of July 4 patriot games and new media apps for US Presidents perfect for picnic play, but I’m opting for basic beach clean up after our July4th annual BBQ on the island here, to ‘make some waves’ with youth and remind that America the Beautiful literally needs to be “from sea to shining sea.” Enjoy the 4th everyone!

Oh! On the screen, I should add that Xeko (eco virtual world Gaming for Good, formerly known as Elf Island) has a great kids’ “mirrored gaming” element going on to benefit the sea turtles in the Gulf, teaming with Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans to help clean and rescue sea turtles from the horrific eco-disaster. It’s a fun way to instill philanthropy and enable kids to feel a little less helpless…

And speaking of fun, Jib-Jab is back to their media magic too, if you need a little silliness and custom greetings for friends and family from afar on the 4th! Check ’em out.

(btw, I looked even sillier in the rap version so went for this one with the thought that “It’s about time we have a woman in the fife and drum corps!”)

Happy Independence Day America!

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