Blog Action Day: Overcoming Poverty With Global Water

It’s been a hairy day of stressful mayhem, as I slid in my socks on the linoleum floor of digital deadlines to file my grant app for the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media Learning Competition with literally about 2 minutes to spare. Between technical glitches and last minute shifts in recommendation letters I found myself in that intense phase of heart palpitating … [Read more...]

From Aqua Dots to Aqua Teen: Where’s the Public Safety?

The Aqua Dots recall of 4.2 million top-selling toys in the U.S. is the umpteenth case of slipshod quality control and lax product safety this year…Which begs the question, is ANYone with brain cells putting public health ahead of profit? This is not an isolated CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) “oopsie doodle” along the lines of the Aqua Teen Err(or) guerilla … [Read more...]