Deconstructing Thanksgiving Stereotypes: The Mediatrician Is In

Nov. 25, 2015 Update: Couldn't resist this timely SNL Adele Thanksgiving skit slamming stereotypes...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Nov. 27, 2014 Update: Favorite post to add this year for 2014 comes from Marti Weston's Media! Tech! Parenting! site on gratitude and digital life. Perfect way to continue our November thankfulness posts of positive picks in … [Read more...]

Caffeinated Kids: A Nutrition Deconstruction

Update Sept. 29, 2016 Today is National Coffee Day! While these Harvard studies for ADULTS caffeine intake bring us a few 'ahhh' morning moments, this AAP study with KIDS could have parents steaming, as it points to the dangers of children's consumption (especially energy drinks) and notes consumption by teens age 17, 18 has doubled over the last decade.  With Starbucks … [Read more...]